Thursday, January 31, 2013

La biblioteca

Reading. Isn't it about...time?

La McCoy Casa de Las Vegas

Newly remodeled, 
lavishly furnished Guest Suite 
just off the Strip in beautiful Las Vegas!

Guests are always Welcome and always FREE
(unless we don't like you and make you pay)


Monday, January 28, 2013

The name game

OK, just one comment on naming the man-child -- remember he's going to grow up and become a man, so give him a man's name, not one of those cutsie mama's boy names that'll make him want to use his middle name or just his initials. 

Alright, I've said my piece -- whatever you name him will be fine and I won't say a word.  Just don't dress him in a tutu. (ha)

PS -- we'll try and post some more pics later.     

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh, nada

That looks so awesome, i wish England got some good ole floods like that. Well still no baby yet and signs of him coming any time soon but that could always change quickly. Still no name either and i don't want to talk about it, it's a real struggle. My last OB appoint. my doc said i've plateaued which means i'm not getting any bigger so eventually this little dude is going to run out of space.

We've gotten most everything all ready i think...2 cribs in the nursery now and i'm having a baby shower tomorrow morning by a girl who just moved into our complex. Not sure why she wants to give me a baby shower but i'll take it. Brynn is growing into quite the opinionated little girl and does not like the word NO. She's kind of a daredevil kid and now has 4 teeth on top. She walks around all day following me everywhere, making messes along the way but she chats all the time, says "mama" and "uh-oh."

 Our little Cosmo
 Just walking and reading
This is for mom...eyes closed in the picture!!!
She's a fierce one! 

Next week is New Beginnings and hopefully i can actually make it this year. I've been going to these gym classes trying to induce labor but so far hasn't helped. Dal is still busy as always and will possibly be getting a new job in SW Portland but it's nothing for sure really. Just maybe a potential thing. He'd really like it he thinks so we'll see. And yeah, not much else new to report. Jealous you guys are on a mission and can't wait til I can go with Dal. Lots of fun memories. Ok well take care kids, xos!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

A few more pics

Before "the storms descend, and the winds blow, and the rains descend, and beat upon their house."  (D&C 90:5)  A view from our front balcony on a stormy night recently.

The sign next to the car says "Prohibido Estacionar" (no parking) but hey, we're in Argentina and who cares.

This is Elder Silva, who often got his hands dirty helping out some way or another, so he and Hermana McCoy often "shook hands" by bumping elbows.


If the sidewalks weren't hazardous enough (although this particular stretch is pretty smooth), everybody parks their motos on the sidewalks down here, which of course means they ride their motos on the sidewalk. 

Well, our computer is really slow and acting up again so I'll post these pics and do some more later.  Can't wait to get back and buy the latest and greatest laptop and/or I-pad and/or smart phone!!  I told Mom it doesn't matter what it costs, I'm gettin it.

Love ya all,


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Photos por fin

Hey, it's working again!! -- a tender mercy.  We'll try posting more later -- gotta run to a meeting now.  This is what our "day trip" was like.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Well, I tried again to post a photo but the "image" icon brings up a window without the "browse" function so I can't go to our photo library, select a photo and "add" it to the blog -- is there some way I can go to our photo library first, select a photo and then transfer it from there to the blog?  We've got a bunch of pics we'd like to post but like so many other things down here it seems, something's amiss.  Sure liked the test photo you posted though, G.  We're totally trunked-out now. 



This is a test post for Dad to see if I'm able to upload pictures b/c apparently he's having trouble with it on his end. I figure I'll leave this up here though since it's such a nice pic!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Day Trip

Dear family and friends - Well, I promised someone in an email that I would blog about our first ever day trip.  We had decided that after the holidays were over we would take a day trip on our P-day to a city that is about 2 1/2 hours away by bus.  The only bus that goes directly to that city leaves at 4:20 AM.  Not wanting to get up that early we decided to travel to Resistencia first [our mission headquarters] and then on over the bridge by some other means to our destination city of Corrientes.  We chose the 6:00 AM bus thinking that would give us the most possible time at our desired destination. [Not much savings in time as far as sleeping in !!]  We had figured that we would need to leave for the bus terminal by 5:30 AM in order to give ourselves plenty of time to get our tickets etc. and after a fitful nights' sleep the first thing I hear is Dad saying "it's five to five!"  Anyone that knows me well knows that I can barely wake up in that amount of time [30 min] let alone be ready to be seen in public!  I managed to hurry and cut a few corners and be "ready" by the time the remis [taxi] honked at 5:30.  Did I mention that there was a raging rain storm going on and that the electricity had been off at least once during the night?  When we got down to the remis the gutters were already flooded and I managed to get both feet drenched right off the bat.  We get to the terminal in plenty of time and start the inevitable wait.  The 6:00 AM bus never shows up and we end up waiting for the 8:00 bus.  This was supposed to be a non-stop bus but no, it stops in the first little town about 20 min out and as we pass the side streets, most of them are totally flooded.  We eventually make it to Resistencia but before we make it all the way to the terminal, we have to turn around because of flooded streets there.  I guess we got the tail end of their storm which was quite a doozey.  We dickered with a remis driver to take us across the bridge to Corrientes which is in a different Province from the one we live in [Chaco] more progressive and more modern.  They have a Mall, Walmart and wonder of wonders, a McDonalds!!  We of course had lunch there and it was like heaven!!  The mall was mostly a casino, a movie theatre and a few Argentine shops, nothing fancy but at least something different for us.  The Walmart was right next door, not anywhere near like the Walmarts at home but once again better than the stores that we have locally.  Much to my disappointment the two things that I was anxious to find, Frenches mustard and peanut butter, were not to be found this time but there were some other things that I wasn't expecting to find so that kind of compensated, sort of.  All in all it was more of an adventure than we expected but it was nice to "get out of Dodge" as they say.  We took an earlier bus back than we had planned on but it was nice to be home again, safely.  Following are a couple of pictures that we took of the flooding.  [Well, the pictures aren't posting so we'll try again later.]

Meanwhile, we had another adventure of note last night.[Sun.]  An older member of our branch had had a stroke but was back at home and we decided to make a short visit.  We took some zucchini bread [still warm!] and when we had clapped at the gate [local custom] we were greeted loudly by a Rotweiler and a Pit Bull.  My two favorite breeds of dog.  NOT!!  I was glad there was a fence between us!  Pretty soon the granddaughter comes out and informs us that her G'mother is not up for a visit but she would go and get her mom.  As we wait, the mosquitos start a vicious attack.  We wait and wait being chewed alive and finally the mom comes out.  We politely inquire about her mother and give her the zucchini bread and take our leave.  We now had to call another remis and start the wait for that.  Usually they are very prompt but not this time!  During the wait I'm dancing around slapping at mosquitos and scratching at bites already received.  On the way home off come the knee highs and I'm scratching both legs with both hands as hard as I can.  Once home, I quit counting bites at 10.  Such are some of our Argentine adventures!!
                                                                                                  Love, Mom/Jan

Friday, January 11, 2013

Emma is 9 months old!

Baby girl is 9 months old - she has been out of my body for as long as she was in my body. G and I can't believe how fast time has flown by and how much more we love her every day. She had her 9 month appt this last week and she is 20lbs (70%) and 29 in (90%). In the last month she has outgrown all her pants!

In the last couple weeks it's like a switch turned on and every day she does something new and exciting. Here are some of the highlights that we love and want to remember:

She still loves mom and dad the most but after spending time in WA for Christmas she started reaching for and wanting to be with my mom (Gma Hadley). She spent hours playing and cuddling with Gma and they are now besties. It has been fun to watch her break out of the phase of only wanting to be held by G or me. And for this last week she has even reached for G over me which brings a big smile to his face. 
She is sooooo very close to walking. She'll stand longer without holding on to someone or something and she cruises around the room with the help of furniture and walls. Gma Hadley bought her a push toy as an early bday present and the last couple days she has taken off all over the house with it. Still waiting for the big first step moment......
Stairs - she loves scrambling up the stairs. Thank you Daddy for reminding her how to do it so that mommy can be the bad guy during the day and block them off. As soon as she can come down as great as she goes up then I'll not worry about barricading them.
She still just has her two bottom teeth but as cute as her smile is don't let that fool you - those two teeth are as sharp as razors. I keep waiting any day for the top two to break through but they swell up and get oh-so close and then recede. Mostly I'm sad for her because of how miserable they make her feel. 
She is super smiley and happy. Her favorite new thing to do is clap her hands and bounce her body in excitement. Daddy and I can't get enough of it and coax her to do it over and over again. Her big toothy grin makes us want to just eat her up!
She babbles and babbles and babbles. Her favorite line is Da-da-da-da-da-da-da. Over and over and over. 
She is like a cheetah when she crawls across the floor. I can't wait for her to be walking so that she'll stop wearing out the knees in all her cute pants. She especially loves it when you get on all fours with her and chase her around or let her chase you around. 
Her favorite game is still peekaboo. She'll actually do it back with her blanket or a toy she is holding. I love seeing her start to mimic things we do that make her laugh.

What a fun stage of discovery we are entering into with her! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.
Here are some pictures we had taken while we were all home for Christmas. 

Washington Christmas

This was one great and crazy Christmas. Everyone was home for the last time in who knows how many years. Matt leaves in March for the mission and as time goes on families grow and travel becomes harder. So just in case it takes awhile to all be together again we made this Christmas a long one. Michelle and her two little ones arrived early December, I flew up with Emma on the 16th and the rest arrived between the 19th and 21st. 
We flew Mom and Dad to the San Diego Bowl game to watch the boys play and to have a little alone time for their anniversary. They said they had a blast and of course my Dad couldn't be happier seeing his two boys on the field together in a bowl game. 
By the 22nd we were all together and the activities began. We played basketball, watched movies, went to The Hobbit, ate lots of delicious food, played games and got SPOILED by Santa. After seeing what Santa brought and opening presents my family does a huge brunch and then a smaller Christmas dinner. Oh and the night before we had our usual Christmas Eve Party with all the Clyde cousins. So much food and so much fun.
G was shocked and ecstatic with his new 60 inch TV that Santa and his wife got him - not to mention the sweet knife Nate gave him and the gun of his dreams from Paul. Emma got showered with toys and clothes from Santa, although she seemed to be quite content eating the wrapping paper. My Grandma Hadley gave Emma her baby ring that her parents gave her when she was 2 years old. It is a tiny silver ring with an E in the middle. She put it in a shadow box and wrote out what the ring was and a little about her Grandma Emma (so Emma's great-great-great grandma). It is a priceless gift that she will one day treasure! G got me a photography class that I can't wait to attend and I got the perfect camera case from my brother Matt. Oh and my belated Christmas gift was a renewed Gold's Gym membership for the next 3 years - how I LOVE my hubby. 
G went over to his hometown for a few days to see the family on the West side. Sadly Emma was super congested and feverish so she and I stayed behind. But I was grateful the weather was good so G could have some time with his family.
The 3 of us also got to go visit Gma Harston. This was the first time she and Emma have met. We had a lovely visit with her and are so grateful to have so many grandparents still alive and doing well. 
The last Sunday we were there baby Hadley (Michelle's baby) was blessed. It was a beautiful blessing, even if Nate tried to name her Michelle by accident. 
It was hard for me to leave all my family and come back to the real world. Thank you Mom and Dad for all your hard work and money spent in making Christmas so much fun. Here are some pictures from our vacation.
 Cousins playing with Gma's endless toys
 Santa time at the Ward Party
 Watching Cooper play ball

 Brooks wearing the same suit coat that Bic, Spence and Matt all wore.
 Gma Harston visit

 Pat being Pat
 Excellent defense
 Belly shot by G
 Brooks wearing Emma's coat
 Christmas Eve
 Christmas Eve Party
 Christmas Eve tiredness
 Christmas Eve party - Cherise....wrong brother. :)

 The nativity story done so well by the little ones and Matt and the donkey.
 Christmas morning fun......

 She got bored of having too many presents to open! haha

 Baby Hadley's blessing
 Brooks and Emma competing for Grandma

 Helping Daddy drive after family pictures

 Picture with Gma and Gpa Hadley (Emma's great grandparents)

Family Pictures 2012