Thursday, October 24, 2013

Puerto Rico

Alas, we are back from our most awesome vacation and missing our time away from PR. Long flight, lots of driving but oh so many cool experiences. We went to Gilligan's Island to do some snorkeling and saw lots of little fishes along the shallow shore and even a little eel AND a huge iguana!! I caught it, just kidding. The best and coolest part was our private tour of El Yunque rainforest. We slipped our way down from the base camp (an actual house right in the freakin jungle) to the waterfalls where we walked along and through the water; rappelled off a huge boulder into a waterfall where we jumped into and through; learned about different cool stuff; got stung by a bee and just had an awesome 7 hour trip. we want to do it again!!

We visited Old San Juan and shopped around; went swimming; ate amazing food; saw ginormous toads and took naps was gloriously relaxing and so super fun. I missed the babies like crazy but they had a good time with Gwen and Jett took his first steps while we were gone!! Don't know if he'll beat Brynn's record but pretty darn close, any day now. 


So there ya have it! Next time you guys come with eh? Oh and guess what? My friend Katie is FINALLY getting married and i just booked my flight for SCL in December! Gonna be fun. Ok well, you guys keep working hard and staying healthy. What do you want for Christmas? Erin and i were just talking about that the other day so....ok love you guys, xos!!!

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