Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oneonta Hike

We took Brynn on her first hike but our friends forgot to bring their backpack so we carried her...good thing it wasn't really long and we left her to play in the water so it worked out. Jett missed out but this was an awesome hike!! We had to swim to get to the falls and then once there you could jump in and swim up to the falls itself. The water was FREEZING but so fun. Dal said it was supposed to be a hot day-those weathermen are full of crap!

Jett has his first little tooth showing through and is trying so hard to crawl. Maybe while at Erin's he will. ONE WEEK and i leave!!!! And then once i'm home i'm going up to Puyallup for a Color Run with Spencer and Marschell and to see G'ma for her b-day. Wild summer livin here!

Still no wi-fi yet? Welp, updates are needed from both ends here ya know!! Like your new location? Ok well, have a great day and keep up the good work! love you both, xos!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

First Day of School in Crazy-land Chandler, AZ

Hey there, just wanted to say hello and post our first day of school pics. Yes, we have a resident high schooler now. Whut? Next year will be three kids in three schools; high school, jr. high, and elementary. And the crazy continues. Well, we had a short, fun summer.  All 6 weeks of it.  Girls camp, Lake Powell, sport camp, theater camp, and a quick trip to San Clemente. (Boy, they got nothing on Santa Monica or Zuma Beach!) And now...... we're back in school. Ok then, that was fun. Homework anyone?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Been Awhile

Hey Ma and Pa,
Good to hear you guys finally got some new scenery down there.  Tough to say goodbye to good friends, but also nice to have a fresh start.
Well I realized it's been awhile since I put some pics on here and the kids are growing up quick.  Plus, with Marschell moving soon, I won't be able to rely on her posting pictures on our behalf.  So I better get some practice.  I finally imported all the pics from the camera and my phone and thought of doing a mass post like Cori did...although ours is about a year in review.  So I will soon flood this blog with a couple hundred pics...hold your breath for that.  For now, here are some from our recent activities.  I took 17 days off for a reunion in Boise, hit a couple lakes on the way back, and enjoyed the last week just relaxing and doing stuff with the kids.

                                                                       Boise Reunion
playing games at the park

get in my belly!
swing dance lessons

Wallowa Lake in Oregon
real cowboys don't wear helmets

Ava on a pony ride

Mia loved horseback riding

the gang during sunset at Wallowa Lake

Lake Chelan
Mia and Porter ready to get their tube on

Back at the Ol Rancho
Porter soon realized the bungee cord and bare feet was a bad idea

Porter, Mia and I braved a night camping in the spooky woods, but thunder and rain drove us back inside at 2am

Mt. Rainier
Reflection Lake
gotta have a walking stick

all tuckered out after a long day on the mountain

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Fun

Hey, just want to post a special thank-you to recent contributors to the blog.

Thank you, Cori, for the treasure trove of photos of your family's summer activities -- what a great looking bunch!!  Can't believe how grown up Kenzie and Cannon are getting to be.  Mom said they oughta consider modeling, right along with Brinks and the twins.  I think I'm gonna have to run interference to keep the guys away from Kenzie.

Thank you too, Brooke, for the pics of your family's trip to the temple -- what a great thing to do when kids are young.  We especially liked the one of all five of your youngins sitting together on that little wall outside the temple -- what a great bunch of little people.  We miss 'em.

And finally, thank you, Sharla, for the birthday wishes, complete with video of those really senior senior-patriarchs of the family.  And at the other end of the spectrum -- Jett laughing at his mamma with photos of the mamma in her batman shorts and weight-lifter pose!! (haha) 

We'll try and post some updated photos of our new area, etc as soon as we can -- we'll probably have to find a WI-FI connection at the Church or somewhere, but we'll do it soon.  In the meantime, we love you more that we can express.  We really appreciate all you do for us via the blog and e-mail and prayers -- it's what keeps us going at times.  So more later.



Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's your Birthday!

Holy heck, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! That just snuck up on me outta nowhere! We'll have to celebrate today when we go out with G'ma and G'pa for dinner....we'll raise a toast to your birth with you mammy and pappy! They're here passing thru to visit someone in OR so they've got the RV at some park down the street. I'll make sure to take some pics. 

So what did you end up doing? What's your new calling? Lovin the new place? Wish we could celebrate with you but next year eh? Alrighty then, just wanted to wish you a great day and know that i love you so SO much! xos!

and a happy birthday song just for you!

Your parents came to visit, we sang a song for you and they wanted to say a few things:

"I feel like I'm neglecting you because I haven't written, and I can't call you on the phone, but I love you both!!" - your dad

"I haven't a clue!" - your mom

And one final pic of the gang wanting to wish you a happy birthday.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer days

I AM a pretty funny momma

 Working the puzzle together

Girl and her wellies 

 At the park

 She could swing all day

My little man

Just a few chin ups

She didn't like sharing her swing

I lost a case you're wondering where the gym is!

Playing together

So it's official, i'm flying to AZ for a week Aug. 1!! Hope these babies do well, no one likes crying kids on a plane. Dal will be all lonesome by himself but i think he'll head over to Pasco for the weekend to cry himself to sleep on his huge pilla!

It's been super nice here lately and everyday Brynn's "friends" come ask her to play which she absolutely loves. As soon as she hears the doorbell she says, "what's that?" and runs to the door. She's talking all sorts these days and it's super cute. Fortunately NO is not in her vocab yet. Jett is trying to crawl and loves eating baby food now. Sleeps great now too, 10 or 11 hrs!

Alrighty then, well go buy yourself a new pair of shoes (you probably already have!) and enjoy the new area! Any new assignments? xos!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

La temple pictures

We went yesterday to the temple for a primary activity. The sister missionary's were all so cute and helpful. They had the kids try and break apart the bronze statue of the family but they couldn't because they were sealed. So glad we are too. Can't believe Luke will be able to go in about 20 months!

We love you guys and miss you. You have deepened my resolve to go as senior missionaries which wasn't there before. Big Internet hug from us. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

it's hot over here part 2

newport fun

byu soccer camp
her white letter. big smile!

brandon calling in cannon for a chest bump! 

salt lake temple

father's day 

utah summer games. ulitmate frisbee silver metalists!

las vegas temple baptisms and dinner date night. 

kennedy and brinkley love!

beck and uncle brandon finding the bad guys with swords in their back.

brinkley the total TWEEN

shaving cream on the 4th

cannon getting crazy with sparklers.

my boys at 5am on monday morning before leaving for encampment.  they joined a gym together. notice their big muscles? i do!
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