Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mil Disculpas

Wow, can't believe it -- Thxgiving was about the last time we posted anything -- shame on us!!  But thank you all for your posts -- and there's been a lot of them.  We do have the "excuse" that we didn't have any internet for a while, but we're back!!  So let's see if we can post some pics and bring you up to date.

Yours truely out in front of our rented church building in Goya, Argentina.  Physical Facilities is supposed to refurbish the entire facility later this month -- it needs it.


Our Christmas tree (courtesy Ava McCoy) and traditional Nativity scene -- about our only Christmas decorations this year. 

Presents under the Christmas tree -- opening them went pretty quick this year, but we still had fun trading hugs and kisses after each one. 


Our district singing Christmas carols in the plaza on Christmas Eve -- got a few stares and a few smiles.

Us on Christmas day with elder Riley Gates from St George.  He's a 19 year-old counselor in a branch presidency, has a full-ride scholarship waiting for him to play baseball at BYU, and we think he'd go pretty good with Kenzie. (haha)

Meet our friends Dom and Lia Rohde -- he's German, she's Argentine, they have 7 children and the whole family speaks three languages -- German, Spanish and English.  They're starting up a big pecan farm here in Goya and plan to export pecans all over the world.  When they're not doing that, he's the president of the World Peace Forum which puts on a conference every year in Luxembourg for peace advocates from all over.  They're really down to earth people and we've enjoyed getting acquainted.


A shot of the "costanera" along the Parana' River.  The authorities had to shut down all the swimming areas along the river recently because of piranas in the water -- the stuff you see in movies. 

A real live Goucho out at the Rohde's farm.  They still ride horses and work the land and live stock like they've been doing for hundreds of years.  But now they have their own union and government retirement program -- pretty cool. 

Mom's had some health issues lately one of which involved an infected "tumor" on her hand which had to be surgically removed (a story in itself) so the ZL's had everybody write get-well cards for her and then of course took pictures afterwards -- a very thoughtful gesture. 

As if the get-well cards weren't enough, elder Gates and his comp ordered a cake for Mom and brought it over the other night.  The inscription reads "Gracias Familia McCoy" -- he's really a thoughtful young man. 

Well, there ya have it -- the latest happenings from the far south.  Can't believe it's almost over -- just about 6 more weeks and we're done!!  What a ride!!  We're really looking forward to seeing everybody -- it's been a pretty long two years, but the lessons we've learned have been invaluable.  So see ya'll very soon.

Love you all very much -- XOS!!!
Dad & Mom

Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 is already rolling along...

Hello!  How are things down south?  We are moving right along in the new year and busy already.  (I don't think we were ever not busy, but Christmas break was really nice.)  Christmas was low-key and fun.  We got together with the Morley's on Monday night and then the Tonioli's on Christmas Eve and had lots of fun playing games and eating.  New Year's again found us at Tonioli's hanging out and eating.  We had fondue which was fun and nostalgic for me, but no hotdogs to be found. (Those were my fave growing up.)

Then school started up again and we've been immersed back into that cruel world. haha Homework, projects, field trips.  Yay!  We're putting the kids into a charter school next year and hoping we like it better than the local junior high and elementary that they've gone to.

Alex turned 12 last week and had a fun "Hunger Games" party. This entailed inviting lots of friends, stockpiling bean bags, hackey sacks, nerf guns and ammo, then heading down to the park, and at the word "go" either running for "weapons" or running to hide while everyone tried to "kill" everyone else.  The rounds would last about 10 min. and it was funny to watch as people would set up alliances then break them. They played for about 2 hrs. and Alex still didn't think that was long enough.  It was pretty fun and also funny.

Yesterday Alex also received the Aaronic Priesthood.  It was a nice moment. Tony and Alisha came, Rosemary, Benton and his kids, and the Tonioli's.  It's nice to have people to help commemorate special occasions.

Next up I get to "celebrate" (rather, try to forget) my 42nd birthday.  What is happening?  I am not that old!  Then, lest we somehow forget, (completely unlikely since she talks about it daily starting around Jan. 1) we will celebrate Vienna's 9th birthday. Hmmmm, should she have a dance party like last year? Or a Littlest Pet Shop party?  Or perhaps a pig party?  hahahahaha  She's a funny one!

We are also in the thick of the Culture Celebration practices for the Gilbert Temple open house.  It started Jan. 18th and will go until Feb. 19th or something.  It will be the biggest temple celebration ever.  I am sooo glad that at least two of the kids are able to participate.  It will be amazing.  We are taking the family through on Feb. 5th on Vienna's bday.  I thought that would be memorable.

Other news, Rob just got released from the High Priests Quorum.  We'll see what's next up for him.  He'd like to teach Sunday School and I hope he does, then I can go in there with him.  The adult Sunday School class is sort of a snooze fest.

So! There you have it!  Just a few short more weeks till we'll see you in WA!!! Yay!

Here's the party crew.

This is the picture we sent out for Christmas cards.

Two cute kids in a tree.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy 2014!

Hello there folks! Happy New Year! We've had a busy Christmas break with lots of driving but some fun times for sure. Headed to nappy Pasco after our Christmas here and stayed a few days and then to Graham for the New Year party! It was bitter cold over on the eastern side but that didn't stop Brynn from wanting to be outside to see the horse and cows and cats and dog. She was in heaven. She also got a trampoline which she LOVES. 

We stayed back in your dungeon at the house and PS it's butt cold in there! Didn't get to bed til super late and Jett had a rough night which meant little sleep for us but it was only for 1 night. We hung out with Mars and Paul, played games and watched a movie to bring in the new year. Brynn and Jett didn't know what to do with themselves there were so many toys! Presley and my babies were super cute together too. 

Also we celebrated the day of my birth and dal treated me to a hair appointment, some new clothes and dinner from Applebee's. It was a nice day to hang out and have fun. Dal is thinking he wants to get a masters in computer science so we've been researching schools all over but the only problem is most deadlines are Jan. 15 and he has NO prereqs. plus he has to take the GRE. I think it's a little too late so i don't know what's going to happen with that. Looks like if he does do it, there's nothing he can start until fall 2015 which means he's going to be like 35 when he's done...NOT A FAN of that. Maybe i should just make the big bucks! OK well that's it for now. Dal got ran off the road a few weeks ago and this is how the car looks now. Glad it wasn't worse or that it was the camry. Anyway...keep on keeping on! xos!