Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Adamson Christmas

Well shoot, Christmas has come and gone but we had a nice, quiet day with our little babby. She was up nice and early, she must have known Santa had come. Christmas Eve we had a bunch of random people from the ward over for dinner who didn't have any family in town so it was actually pretty fun. Then we did pajamas of course and stayed up way too late...i was too excited!! Stockings and little box cereal in the morning, then presents. Brynn's favorite are her 2 little race cars, she carries them everywhere. She's just walking all over and it's SO cute. Her little steps and concentration to not fall, love it.

Then we were invited to some friends for Christmas dinner and a white elephant exchange. I scored some sweet batman undies which were promptly stolen by Dal. It was fun. Played some volleyball and just been hangin out, it's been nice. Ready for this baby to come. Dal is set on naming him Indiana McQueen but i'm not such a big fan...and neither is anyone else we've asked so we'll see if he wins out. I'm sure we'll have to put another bet on this one too. Welp, hope you had a nice day as well. I missed you guys!!! But hey, at least you like your comp so that makes it a little better. Keep up the good work, we love you! xos!

And a Merry Christmas to you...

Just thought I'd put a few updates on the blog.  We had a very nice, quiet day today at home.  The kids were nice and woke us up at 8 a.m. So we did the stockings, ate some cereal and then opened presents. Everyone was happy with their stuff and the day vanished.  We wanted to wish you both a Merry Christmas.  We thought about you lot and wished we could've been together, but we'll make that happen another year.  We're grateful for all we have and for the wonderful family we're a part of.  Happy New Year!

Some recent events:

The other night we went and saw the lights at the Mesa Temple.  It's spectacular.  So, so pretty.

We've had quite a time of it with our new "Elf on a Shelf" whom we named Cliff.  He watches the kids' behavior and reports to Santa every night.  Apparently he didn't have much to report on ours so he got into some mischief himself.....

He was found with a missing phone....

Drew funny faces on their pictures one night....

And toilet-papered the Christmas tree.  That's him on top having a good laugh!

Vienna has had A LOT of fun finding him and worrying about him and his reports. We'll miss him (or not!) until he comes back next year.

Christmas Eve jammies.  (The kids had NO idea what was in the wrapping paper for their one christmas eve gift! Hehehe)

The stockings were all placed on the couch with care...

And lastly, we had a brief reprieve over the weekend, but we still need to address these issues this week! We had a hot water pipe leak that was discovered when water came seeping up under the tiles behind our kitchen in our hall. Plumbers were out for three days straight rerouting pipes up thru the ceiling.  Now we need all the holes patched and painted. I guess it's better than ripping up the floor. Just what I wanted for Christmas!  I never want another water leak again. I'd say we've had our fair share.

Our closet. Better on Rob's side, he has less to remove.

                                      Mmm... maybe it's under the hot water heater.  Nope.

        Let's cut out the back of the cabinet and see if it's leaking in there. And add a few more holes to get a better look.

                                                      The scene of one of the leaks.

Yea, I think we need some more holes.  It's just so much easier to thread the pipes thru multiple holes, really.

They also found a leak in Vienna's bathroom so her bathroom looks much like this too.  Aargh!  Done, done, done with water leaks!  So we'll have workers here for several days this week too. Just what I love.  How can you get a good nap in with power tools going for hours in the room?

So, now you know what we've been up to the last week or so. And this too shall pass.... Anyway, we are looking forward to a wonderful new year and many more (good and fun) adventures (we hope!).
Love you guys!

Monday, December 24, 2012

More mustaches

Merry Christmas Grandpa and Grandma!  We love you!

Merry Christmas!!
This is major catch-up on my part to post a bunch of pics and bring you up to speed on our lives over the past several months since you've been gone.  So bear with me as there are lots of things to tell about.  Count this as my Christmas present : )  Since school finals and surgery, this is the first I've been coherent and non-busy enought to tackle the overwhelming task (well at least for me it's overwhelming!) of posting on your mission blog.  Happy reading and enjoy all the various pictures!!
Heidi's field trip to Biz Town; a pretend town with businesses and all the kids have jobs and paychecks and learn how to be a grown up during a normal work day.
Karli's field trip to Point Defiance Zoo with the infamous otter who lived to be 50 something.
Babysitting little Brynn while Shar was scouting yard sales for a jogging stroller.  I was trying to multitask by preparing for my YW lesson but that didn't work out so well.
Summer fun in Utah at a waterpark.  It's so amazing to see how much all these guys have grown up!
  Karli and Heidi at a community Track and Field Day as part of a girls' running club;
The Running Rebels.


YES!  The Puyallup Fair!  Coolest white trash place on earth!
This is the 'Jumping' ride, very intense, and very fun (if you like to get sick!)
More 'Jumping' victims.
We're smiling now but not so much after.
Ok, so there's this new stand with fried butter balls.  Are people crazy enough to buy these nasty things and actually eat them?  Well, apparently yes.
What happens once you eat these huge balls of butter?  Garlan says it all.
 Can't go to the Fair without having elephant ears!

Poser Dal and Awesome Erin.  Poor Shar got bleached out by her pregnancy glow.
Shar is letting Brynn show dominance over Presley.  Porter doesn't look ok with that.
Need I say anything?!  Sadly Brandon missed this gem of an opportunity.
Seriously creepy and can't believe that's my son!
His Halloween costume turned out a little too good.
 The girls making Halloween sugar cookies with Fay : )

Happy Thanksgiving!! McCoy's and Stutz' joining together for a fun, food-filled day.
The 'kids' table : )
 Yes, that's Spencer's shaved head you see.  It's actually grown in quite a bit too!
 Chilling with cute little Presley while watching Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Heidi's running club (Karli opted for gymnastics this year instead) and this was a local Roger's High School 5k and 10k run, which the coach of the club used as an opportunity to raise $ for a local mom battling cancer, the bake sale booth is in the background between that and sponsors/donations, it raised $4500 for the family!

At the start line (for the 5k) that we ran together.
Leavenworth trip!!! Yay!  We love this tradition but Karli was upset that there wasn't enough snow this year to sled down the hill in the park but we still had a fun day.
This was just after the lighting ceremony and we all look possessed.  It's such a beautiful place at Christmas time.  This is our third time going and we still love it.
The day after surgery and I was so drugged and out of it.  My face is an indication of what the rest of my body looks like.  Four spots were surgically removed and several others laser treated.  Good times!  And the day after finals too, so no time to celebrate.  What was I thinking?  I guess it seemed like the most recovery time before school started again.
Life is definitely busy but we feel very blessed.  Paul has had plenty of work, school has been going well for me, on top of being the ward YW sports coach as well as assistant coaching Heidi's rec basketball team. Michael and Ryan are also doing well in college and adjusting to adult life. Jadon is enjoying Jr. High and is growing very tall, he's now passed me up, he's also kicking rear in Scouting and will earn his Eagle well before he's 16, he is also part of a boy's work-out class that he enjoys. Heidi is in basketball season and loving it, getting to play rec ball as well as church ball and is doing very well in school but looking forward to going to Jr. High next year. Karli is excelling in her new school curriculum and is as fun loving and goofy as ever but also expressing her talent in gymnastics which we may have to look into getting her into a more serious gym (she's amazing at it).  Our kids are growing up so fast and it's incredible to see the changes as they grow and develop their own unique identities.  I just love being a mom!  All in all, life is awesome, we love our extended family dearly, pray for everyone individually, have wonderful friends that add to the fullness of our lives and most of all are grateful for the gospel.  It's what's gotten me through everything and will continue to.  I love Heavenly Father, I love my Savior and am grateful for the on-going learning curve that the Atonement allows so that the Spirit can be more abundant in my life as I learn and grow.  Keep up the good work in Argentina and know that we think of you far more than we write.  Love you and hope you a have a wonderful Christmas with your mission family!!