Friday, September 27, 2013

Our life in Video

Howdy folks! We leave for Puerto Rico in like 3 weeks!!!! We almost weren't able to go since Dal's mom has been in North Carolina with a brand new grandbaby who ended up having to be in the ICU for a while so her visit got extended BUT thankfully she is due back the week we leave....phew! I'm still pretty nervous about leaving them for that long so you wanna come home and watch them madre?? :) I know they'll be fine but still. Welp, here's some video of our little rascals....Brynn's got lots to say and Jett can do stairs now, lots of fun around here!

So there you have other news except Jett cut his nose today on the same thing that gave Brynn stitches.Dal came home to save the day and super glued it together, he's amazing, REALLY amazing. Sheesh, bad parenting fo sho! Ok it's been ages since I've heard from either of you so i guess that means you're busy and that's good. I've been teaching with the elders some new member lessons and it's been really fun. I've also been volunteering at races around here which has also been super fun and one day i'm going to organize my very own crazy, cool race. Cheerio for now! xos!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nuestro Viaje

You know, when you're involved in the Lord's work it becomes apparent very quickly that He's in charge and even though we usually can't see the end from the beginning, He does and will order things for our good.  That seems to be what happened on a trip we recently took to a nearby city.

Bet you didn't know that Mom was a mechanic, but here she is "fixing" the little engine that could. Mom had prayed that we wouldn't have any car problems and that we wouldn't get in any accidents on our recent trip to Esqina (a city about an hour south of Goya).  But about 20 minutes into the trip, the car broke down -- just quit.  We waited around for a few minutes and when the brother tried to start it, low and behold, it started and we went on our way.  But ten minutes later it quit again and we pulled off on the shoulder of the road where Mom did her thing with the car -- like soothing a baby so it would calm down.  So the engine starts again and we're on our way -- only this time, back to Goya.  Interestingly enough, we never had any more trouble with the car quitting, it just purred along no problem all the way home.  There must have been a reason we shouldn't have tried to go to Esquina that day -- maybe the other part of Mom's prayer was answered and we were saved from getting into a serious accident.  We have learned again on this mission that the Lord's in the details -- all we have to do is trust Him.

Here's Mom again, teaching some sisters how to lead music.  The sister on the left is the branch president's wife and the other sister is the RS president -- both delightful, dedicated women, only about 5 feet tall, if that.  Mom's trying to do everything at once -- play the melody with her left and direct with her right hand so the sisters could both hear the music and follow her lead.

Ha ha -- like a deer in the headlights -- this is Ian, a little guy about two years old who calls out my name everytime he sees us -- Elder McCoy -- in what sounds like perfect English.

A group of Belgrano branch members after a fiesta during which several primary girls "walked the runway" to see which ones would be crowned Queen and Princess of Primavera (springtime).  The winners are standing on the chairs in the center of the photo.  Lots of fun.

Our zone the day before transfers -- a great group of young people -- dedicated missionaries every one.

Well, maybe we better wrap this up for now.  Looking forward to General Conference next weekend.  Hope you all take time to enjoy every session.  It's so refreshing for us to see the Church in all its strength -- provides a boost to our spirits.

Love you all and miss you muchisimo,
Dad & Mom


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Family Photos

 Hello, hello! summer is winding to a close but we enjoyed a nice, long weekend since it was Labor Day so we went swimming, played outside and hung out. we're pretty bummed things didn't work out with dal getting into the school he wanted which means we're still stuck here and we're way beyond ready to leave. kinda annoying but something will come around. dal's work just layed off a bunch of people so it's a good time to peace out.

A friend from the ward took some family pics for us...Vogue round 2 with a new addition of Jett. We had fun posing.

Brynn has finally been off pacifiers for a while now and doing great, although now she doesn't sleep 14 hours anymore but she's getting the last of her teeth so that might be why. She's a good little talker, our favorite phrases are: "i got this, oh my gosh!, hey baby, and i love you!" pretty funny how she repeats everything we say now. her favorite song is pat-a-cake and she does the signs with it even.

Jett is a crawling master and already pulls himself up on everything. he's trying hard to keep up with Brynn and should be walking in a month, j/j. He's a tall, skinny little man for his age and sleeps usually 10 hours finally. Some recent pics for yas:

Nothing else new to report i don't think. did you guys get our video message on skype? did mom get my package ever? ok well you guys take care and work hard. we just had a new convert baptism so i get to help teach the lessons again, brinsg me back to my England days!! much love kids. xos!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hey thx guys for the posts -- glad you got all moved in, Marschell.  Looks like you're well positioned to take on the next phase of life . . . whatever it may bring. 
Now how 'bout some pics.

Mom wants everybody to know we support Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh (Disney) on behalf of Jason.

Family Home Evening with a group in a neighboring town (LaValle) -- a good spirit and good fun.


This is the scene from our back balcony looking west -- the roof line isn't much to look at but the sunsets are beautiful.


We saw this doll displayed in a store window and couldn't help but laugh so we took a picture of it -- we're thinking we should get one for Sharla so she can do wierd things to it like paint its buns, instead of doing wierd things to her kids. (ha)

Off to play hoops with our ZL's -- I spanked 'em of course two out of five games.  I'm holding my own basketball that Mom got for me down here -- a little small but that's how I was able to beat the elders. (ha) 

Transfer day -- just before Elder Young (left) caught the early bus to the Saenz Pena area -- where we just came from.  It's been a real joy to work with these young missionaries -- fine young people every one.

The Dad squeezing fresh orange juice -- really good stuff.  (Contrary to what you see in these photos, I do wear something besides a green sweat shirt and blue sweat pants.)

Well, guess that'll do it for now.  By the way, thx for the link to Basketball Pick-up Stereotypes and commentary -- too funny and so true.  Looking forward to our own b-ball when we get together again.  In the meantime, thx as always for your prayers and support.  We love you all more than words can convey.
Dad and Mom