Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 is already rolling along...

Hello!  How are things down south?  We are moving right along in the new year and busy already.  (I don't think we were ever not busy, but Christmas break was really nice.)  Christmas was low-key and fun.  We got together with the Morley's on Monday night and then the Tonioli's on Christmas Eve and had lots of fun playing games and eating.  New Year's again found us at Tonioli's hanging out and eating.  We had fondue which was fun and nostalgic for me, but no hotdogs to be found. (Those were my fave growing up.)

Then school started up again and we've been immersed back into that cruel world. haha Homework, projects, field trips.  Yay!  We're putting the kids into a charter school next year and hoping we like it better than the local junior high and elementary that they've gone to.

Alex turned 12 last week and had a fun "Hunger Games" party. This entailed inviting lots of friends, stockpiling bean bags, hackey sacks, nerf guns and ammo, then heading down to the park, and at the word "go" either running for "weapons" or running to hide while everyone tried to "kill" everyone else.  The rounds would last about 10 min. and it was funny to watch as people would set up alliances then break them. They played for about 2 hrs. and Alex still didn't think that was long enough.  It was pretty fun and also funny.

Yesterday Alex also received the Aaronic Priesthood.  It was a nice moment. Tony and Alisha came, Rosemary, Benton and his kids, and the Tonioli's.  It's nice to have people to help commemorate special occasions.

Next up I get to "celebrate" (rather, try to forget) my 42nd birthday.  What is happening?  I am not that old!  Then, lest we somehow forget, (completely unlikely since she talks about it daily starting around Jan. 1) we will celebrate Vienna's 9th birthday. Hmmmm, should she have a dance party like last year? Or a Littlest Pet Shop party?  Or perhaps a pig party?  hahahahaha  She's a funny one!

We are also in the thick of the Culture Celebration practices for the Gilbert Temple open house.  It started Jan. 18th and will go until Feb. 19th or something.  It will be the biggest temple celebration ever.  I am sooo glad that at least two of the kids are able to participate.  It will be amazing.  We are taking the family through on Feb. 5th on Vienna's bday.  I thought that would be memorable.

Other news, Rob just got released from the High Priests Quorum.  We'll see what's next up for him.  He'd like to teach Sunday School and I hope he does, then I can go in there with him.  The adult Sunday School class is sort of a snooze fest.

So! There you have it!  Just a few short more weeks till we'll see you in WA!!! Yay!

Here's the party crew.

This is the picture we sent out for Christmas cards.

Two cute kids in a tree.

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  1. Um hello? the Hunger Games bday party??? that's the coolest ever!!! and also hello???? the temple celebration?? if only we lived there too....