Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our first burst from Argentina

Hey everybody,
We're at a member's home using their computadora.  We've been waiting for intenet service since we got here in Roque Saenz Pena (about 100 miles west of Resistencia) on Wed the 16th, after leaving UT Mon the 14th -- a LONG trip!  They had a nice two bdrm apt all set up for us but the first thing we did was rearrange the furniture to include taking off a door so we could get the desk out of the living room.  It's been a real adventure to get around in "Remises" -- beater taxis. 

Five days after getting here we went back to Resistencia for a combined Zone Conf -- a two and a half hr bus ride at 6 am!  It was worth it though cuz Mom got to go to Wal Mart -- a veritable compound surrounded by a chain-link and barbed wire fence with armed security guards inside -- gotta protect those high-quality imported goods!    

Our first Sunday we were invited (by the District Pres) to attend another branch and speak in Sac Mtg -- so we're getting right into it.  Was a good meeting and we were totally undistracted by a lady breast feeding a two year-old during our talks (no joke).  Went to a fiesta yesterday to celebrate Argentina's Revolution Day and ate locro -- tripe soup.  I'm affraid I had to leave the chunks of intestine (and I've eaten some pretty queezy stuff).

Well, there's so much to tell, but I've got to get off their computer.  More as soon as we get our internet.  Thx for the msg's and photos already. 
Love you lots,
Dad and Mom


  1. Love this blog already and hope mom had an awesome birthday! Great stories its so fun hearing there is actually a place called Argentina and u r actually there. Now I'm wondering if u will even read the comments section, ivy is walking! Woot woot, love ya Brooke and family

  2. tripe soup? i'm sure that will be your favorite by the time you're done! and hey, it's perfectly normal to breast feed a 2 year old...i'd do it until they're 12 if i could!

    ps looks like it's me and you Brooke in the "comments" section. yay for Ivy walking!