Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry, Merry Christmas from the Lockwoods/Maloys!  Hope you are having an enjoyable holiday!  This is our Christmas present to you.....Tons of pictures : )
Beginning with Thanksgiving and then just a couple Christmas Eve pics.
 Getting ready for some shooting in the desert near our house.

 Luke did awesome on his first time shooting! 
Too bad his parents weren't there to witness his mad skills tho!

Yeah, their not sure what the heck they're doing.
Karli killed that poor defenseless never had a chance!
More of the crew honing their survival abilities.
Yay, gingerbread houses!!


 Karli and Cannon's final result : )

Kennedy with an on-purpose shut eye pic, B pulling a Mom on accident!

Jadon is REALLY happy about this house!


Thanksgiving cooking!! Some of THE best rolls ever!!

Brooke wasn't too excited about her job of putting out cups.

Any wonder where Emma's fascination with her tongue comes from?!

Controllers taste good I guess.  Emma can't get enough!


Coloring fun.

These silly boys crack me up.

 They totally look related : )

More fun on Thanksgiving weekend.


Does B even know what he's doing?

Kinda scary...

Turkey duty with Ivy taste testing : )


 Ok, super cute!!

Yeah, you eat that stuff Luke!

Good times with the game Telestrations.  Lots of laughs!

The kitchen help was great!!

Cannon schooled everybody.

Hurley's new bestie!!

What? No tongue?!

Paisley was happy. She had her thumb and a TV : )

So adorable!

All that red!  They totally planned it.

Musta been an incredibly good movie!!
G giving Cannon parenting wasn't well received.

Chillin' out.
Fun times with D & A's kids while they had a pre-Christmas get-away.
Merry Christmas Eve!! (Paul and I had no idea we got each other Coke pjs)

We should all be pajama it!

Can you find Karli?!
WELL, that's what we have for now!  Maybe more coming after Christmas Day : )   Tomorrow we drive the kids to Utah and then Paul and I will fly to WA to visit for a week.  Looking forward to seeing family and friends!  Love you both and pray for your safety and success.  Just know that we are thinking of you more often than our communication  reflects.  See you shortly, these blog posts are numbered!!
Paul, Marschell, Jadon, Heidi and Karliana

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