Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An Adamson Christmas

Well shoot, Christmas has come and gone but we had a nice, quiet day with our little babby. She was up nice and early, she must have known Santa had come. Christmas Eve we had a bunch of random people from the ward over for dinner who didn't have any family in town so it was actually pretty fun. Then we did pajamas of course and stayed up way too late...i was too excited!! Stockings and little box cereal in the morning, then presents. Brynn's favorite are her 2 little race cars, she carries them everywhere. She's just walking all over and it's SO cute. Her little steps and concentration to not fall, love it.

Then we were invited to some friends for Christmas dinner and a white elephant exchange. I scored some sweet batman undies which were promptly stolen by Dal. It was fun. Played some volleyball and just been hangin out, it's been nice. Ready for this baby to come. Dal is set on naming him Indiana McQueen but i'm not such a big fan...and neither is anyone else we've asked so we'll see if he wins out. I'm sure we'll have to put another bet on this one too. Welp, hope you had a nice day as well. I missed you guys!!! But hey, at least you like your comp so that makes it a little better. Keep up the good work, we love you! xos!

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