Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Christmas card

We did digital Christmas cards this year so click on this HERE so you can read our christmas card.

its juicy, you won't want to miss it.  just kidding you know everything already.  

but here are the pictures

I have really loved having this blog.  I like when everyone else posts and that you guys have told us so much too.  I'm really proud of you for going on your mission.  Its impressive and selfless.

I'm always very glad I married a McCoy boy almost 13 years ago.   We have a great family and thanks all of you for worrying about us and praying for us.  We are not the first McCoys to struggle and we will not be the last.  If anything I wished I was more aware when it was someone else.  But  that is why the Lord allows us challenges, so we can empathize and understand too.  I love you all.  I remember in Jason's and I very fast courtship (hahhahahaa) one night him making me retell him all his siblings names in order.  I had to pass the McCoy test.  I thought there was a million of you!  But each of those names are now my true family and I love you all.  Thanks for making me cry and cry more with all your love and support of us.  Sometimes I moaned about being so far away for everyone but these last months have felt a little closer.  Lets keep this blog going strong.  Plus its dang cheap :)  Love you and thanks for letting me into your family.  Jason is a good one and I know we will be fine.  Big hugs from me your shortest sister and daughter.  :)  (right Cori? I have the crown right?)  Merry Christmas.  

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