Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Brynn's Walking!!!!

Almost 9 months and she's already cruising around like a pro. We're expecting her to be in the 2014 Olympics. She just decided to go for it and it's the cutest thing b/c she's so small but we were at the church and she took off down the hallway and kept on going. She's real proud of herself, you can tell.

Also, we met with the specialist who said they can't tell anything positive except that there is some extra fluid in his kidney but it could be 1 of 3 things which also means he may not even have an extra ureter so that's good. He'll most likely not need surgery or anything, just some antibiotics when he's born and then he'll probably just outgrow it and have no problems whatsoever. So i feel better about everything and am not really worried anymore. Maybe a little Christmas miracle??? Anyway...Dal's been sick so he's been working from home which has been super nice to all be together all day and we're done with our shopping and are ready for Christmas. We were told neither of us will be released so i'm happy to still be in YW's and planning on the new year activities already so it'll be busy! Welp, hope things are going fantabulous and keep up the good work. Love you both, xos!!!

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