Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mas fotos

OK, sports fans -- fotos?  We got photos. 

Our one year anniversary -- the sister missionaries made us a cake and sweet little home-made gifts.  Mom made Hoagie sandwiches for all the missionaries -- a fun day. 

This guy adds to life's little pleasures down here -- he rides by on his bike whistling like a bird -- loud enough to be heard a couple blocks away.  We caught him one day on the street and he agreed to let us take his picture.  If you look close he's actually whistling -- he's really good and we enjoyed being able to tell him so.


Here's a local celebrity -- a juggler who runs out in the street when the light's red and does his thing for a few pesos -- if anybody's willing to pay him.  He's actually pretty good so we paid him too. 

Mom's fridge looks the same down here as at home -- covered with drawings and love notes from grandkids.  It really helps to make a mission apartment feel like a home. 

Yours truely out at the Airport -- a muli-million dollar debacle that was built but never been used.  Now it's a park for people to come to and just hang out.  Our district president drove us out in his new car -- a 1993 Renault sub-compact for which he paid the equivalent of $4000 dollars!  But he attributes his good fortune to having paid tithing -- half of the cost turned out to be an unexpected gift from his aunt.

This is Jose -- our neighborhood grocery store security guard -- a really nice guy whom we've gotten to know.  He's acutally a music teacher who wants to be a lawyer.  He always greets us with a warm handshake and calls us by our first names.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and he says he's reading it (occasionally).  He wants us to be sure and tell him before we move -- so he can reciprocate with something. 

Us with a new branch president and his expecting wife -- really nice people.  She's a returned missionary and he's a fairly recent convert.  Mom's holding a hand painted pillow presented to her as gift by the Relief Society sisters.  Made her cry.

Mom with some local kidlettes holding the flowers given to her by the little gal on the right.  You can sure see why the Lord loves little children -- they are so precious -- in any culture.

A shot of a Tucan at the "Puyallup Fair" -- La Feria Chaco this last weekend.  It was pretty interesting and had a little of everything just like the Fair at home (but a lot cheaper to get in).  We were careful not to eat anything or go on any rides. 

A member family we ate with after going to the feria -- pollo y papas fritas -- muy rico.  Mom provided salad and chocolate chip cookies -- good stuff and good company. 

Moon over Argentina -- good night all.  We love you!!!  Been a long full day so we're glad tomorrow's P-day.  Hugs and kisses.
Mom and Dad      

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