Friday, August 9, 2013

2nd Try

Well, thought we'd try again to post some pics with our less than optimum internet connection.  But before we do, wanted to thank those who recently posted updates for us --
Spencer, for all the pics of your summer activities including shots of the ole' "Rancho not so Grande" -- place is looking pretty good.  Glad you enjoyed "roughing it" in the back yard -- pretty scary though, sounds like. 
Erin, for the back to school photos -- can't believe how the kids are changing so fast.  Good thing there's such things as photography to capture those moments in time that will never be seen again -- "Kids are little people who pass quickly through your life and disappear into adults". 
And Sharla, for sharing your fun trips and adventures -- you're only young once so enjoy it to the fullest.  But sorry to hear about your knee acting up -- you're too young for that.  (So I can probably still out-run you - jaja.)

Well, let's see what happens if we try to post some pics of our own.


How 'bout that, it worked -- this is our new apt bldg -- right down town Goya.  We're on the third floor, but what the guy didn't tell us when we agreed to it was that you have to go up one flight before you get to the "first" floor.  So we're getting our exercise every day.

Well, guess that's it for now -- can't get anything else to post.  We're just gonna have to find a high-speed or WI-FI connection somewhere.  In the meantime, sure love you all.  Take care, more later.
Dad & Mom

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