Saturday, August 3, 2013

Let's try this w/o WI-FI

OK boys and girls, let's see if we can get a couple of pics to post with our so-so internet connection.

Well, that wasn't so bad -- only took a few minutes.  Yours truly in front of a new little chapel in Bella Vista, Corrientes.  About 40 people attended Sacrament Mtg.  But bless their hearts -- they're planning a temple excursion to BA in Oct at a cost of about 600 pesos ($120) per person -- quite a bit for folks down here, so it requires a fair amount of lead time.

OK, we're already having problems uploading photos so we'll try again later.  Meanwhile, we're doing reasonably well (after a week-plus of bad colds).  Hopefully, we can hit it hard starting next week.  Love yas mucho
XOS (BAS in espanol -- beso, abrazo, secreto),
Dad & Mom

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