Saturday, August 10, 2013

High-speed Internet !!

Our living room in our new apt -- not too bad, huh.

Mom's hangout -- the kitchen -- small but very adequate.

The Sanchez family who fed us after our visit to Bella Vista -- really nice people and great food.

One more shot of our apt -- the bathroom.  We put up the shower curtain to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom, but notice the windows in the shower area -- they're supposed to be one-way glass, but we put up curtains anyway.  And you'll notice there's no drain in the shower -- that's because it's in the foreground out of view -- in front of the sink.  So it's a real trick to use the sink and mirror when one of us is showering.  Such is life in Argentina -- even in some of the nicer places. 

Well, so much for now -- love yas.  Keep the posts coming -- we really enjoy them.  Take care.
Dad & Mom

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