Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Hey thx guys for the posts -- glad you got all moved in, Marschell.  Looks like you're well positioned to take on the next phase of life . . . whatever it may bring. 
Now how 'bout some pics.

Mom wants everybody to know we support Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh (Disney) on behalf of Jason.

Family Home Evening with a group in a neighboring town (LaValle) -- a good spirit and good fun.


This is the scene from our back balcony looking west -- the roof line isn't much to look at but the sunsets are beautiful.


We saw this doll displayed in a store window and couldn't help but laugh so we took a picture of it -- we're thinking we should get one for Sharla so she can do wierd things to it like paint its buns, instead of doing wierd things to her kids. (ha)

Off to play hoops with our ZL's -- I spanked 'em of course two out of five games.  I'm holding my own basketball that Mom got for me down here -- a little small but that's how I was able to beat the elders. (ha) 

Transfer day -- just before Elder Young (left) caught the early bus to the Saenz Pena area -- where we just came from.  It's been a real joy to work with these young missionaries -- fine young people every one.

The Dad squeezing fresh orange juice -- really good stuff.  (Contrary to what you see in these photos, I do wear something besides a green sweat shirt and blue sweat pants.)

Well, guess that'll do it for now.  By the way, thx for the link to Basketball Pick-up Stereotypes and commentary -- too funny and so true.  Looking forward to our own b-ball when we get together again.  In the meantime, thx as always for your prayers and support.  We love you all more than words can convey.
Dad and Mom


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