Thursday, September 5, 2013

Family Photos

 Hello, hello! summer is winding to a close but we enjoyed a nice, long weekend since it was Labor Day so we went swimming, played outside and hung out. we're pretty bummed things didn't work out with dal getting into the school he wanted which means we're still stuck here and we're way beyond ready to leave. kinda annoying but something will come around. dal's work just layed off a bunch of people so it's a good time to peace out.

A friend from the ward took some family pics for us...Vogue round 2 with a new addition of Jett. We had fun posing.

Brynn has finally been off pacifiers for a while now and doing great, although now she doesn't sleep 14 hours anymore but she's getting the last of her teeth so that might be why. She's a good little talker, our favorite phrases are: "i got this, oh my gosh!, hey baby, and i love you!" pretty funny how she repeats everything we say now. her favorite song is pat-a-cake and she does the signs with it even.

Jett is a crawling master and already pulls himself up on everything. he's trying hard to keep up with Brynn and should be walking in a month, j/j. He's a tall, skinny little man for his age and sleeps usually 10 hours finally. Some recent pics for yas:

Nothing else new to report i don't think. did you guys get our video message on skype? did mom get my package ever? ok well you guys take care and work hard. we just had a new convert baptism so i get to help teach the lessons again, brinsg me back to my England days!! much love kids. xos!!!

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