Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catch Up

Well hello parents!!! Lots happening lately around...we spent New Year's Eve weekend in Puyallup which was a blast. Been a long time since i laughed so hard. We stayed up late, played games, movies, shopping and joint b-day bash with Heidi. I scored a barking dog clock from G'ma and G'pa, yes!! Gwen came over for a couple days to do some b-day celebrating so Dal made dinner, we watched a movie, she bought me boots and i got some more Nike running stuff. I'm excited to have my body back for a while now.

Had an ultrasound today and everything is looking great, his kidney inflammation has even gone down some which is good and he's right on track. No low fluid and his weight is normal. Still trying to decide on a name....maybe Mac or Lincoln or Rockwell but i'm pretty sure i've convinced Dal that Indiana McQueen is out of the question. Whew! Brynn had her 9 month checkup and is doing fabulously as well. She's just a busy body all day and has to be everywhere i am. The girl has no sense of personal space i tell ya!!! But she's super fun and we love messin with her.

We went to the aquarium yesterday and she loved that place! There was open water where she could reach in and touch the starfish, sea cucumbers and sea urchins and then we just let her walk around all over the place. Probably her favorite thing to do. 

Getting ready for this baby to come soon-ish and i think we have everything ready except the crib set up. Dal is getting ready for men's basketball and also city league, altho he just sprained his ankle again. I played with the YW last Sat. and despite my belly i still managed to score on those fools!!! Taught my first lesson with the new curriculum and it's SOOO much better. Felt a little like being on the mish again except no comp this time. We had several girls share their testimonies at the end too which almost never happens so i think this is going to be awesome. 

 the girl loves basketballs

Playing in her box of diapers

 Looking at all the fishes

Playing with the sea creatures

Her jelly-fish face

Her new jungle gym

So is the mish pres. back yet? Is his wife ok? Maybe you can just fill in for him, dad!! Welp, keep up the good work, it's hard at times for sure but definitely worth it. So glad i went, i think about England every day. Love you both, xos!!!

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