Friday, January 11, 2013

Washington Christmas

This was one great and crazy Christmas. Everyone was home for the last time in who knows how many years. Matt leaves in March for the mission and as time goes on families grow and travel becomes harder. So just in case it takes awhile to all be together again we made this Christmas a long one. Michelle and her two little ones arrived early December, I flew up with Emma on the 16th and the rest arrived between the 19th and 21st. 
We flew Mom and Dad to the San Diego Bowl game to watch the boys play and to have a little alone time for their anniversary. They said they had a blast and of course my Dad couldn't be happier seeing his two boys on the field together in a bowl game. 
By the 22nd we were all together and the activities began. We played basketball, watched movies, went to The Hobbit, ate lots of delicious food, played games and got SPOILED by Santa. After seeing what Santa brought and opening presents my family does a huge brunch and then a smaller Christmas dinner. Oh and the night before we had our usual Christmas Eve Party with all the Clyde cousins. So much food and so much fun.
G was shocked and ecstatic with his new 60 inch TV that Santa and his wife got him - not to mention the sweet knife Nate gave him and the gun of his dreams from Paul. Emma got showered with toys and clothes from Santa, although she seemed to be quite content eating the wrapping paper. My Grandma Hadley gave Emma her baby ring that her parents gave her when she was 2 years old. It is a tiny silver ring with an E in the middle. She put it in a shadow box and wrote out what the ring was and a little about her Grandma Emma (so Emma's great-great-great grandma). It is a priceless gift that she will one day treasure! G got me a photography class that I can't wait to attend and I got the perfect camera case from my brother Matt. Oh and my belated Christmas gift was a renewed Gold's Gym membership for the next 3 years - how I LOVE my hubby. 
G went over to his hometown for a few days to see the family on the West side. Sadly Emma was super congested and feverish so she and I stayed behind. But I was grateful the weather was good so G could have some time with his family.
The 3 of us also got to go visit Gma Harston. This was the first time she and Emma have met. We had a lovely visit with her and are so grateful to have so many grandparents still alive and doing well. 
The last Sunday we were there baby Hadley (Michelle's baby) was blessed. It was a beautiful blessing, even if Nate tried to name her Michelle by accident. 
It was hard for me to leave all my family and come back to the real world. Thank you Mom and Dad for all your hard work and money spent in making Christmas so much fun. Here are some pictures from our vacation.
 Cousins playing with Gma's endless toys
 Santa time at the Ward Party
 Watching Cooper play ball

 Brooks wearing the same suit coat that Bic, Spence and Matt all wore.
 Gma Harston visit

 Pat being Pat
 Excellent defense
 Belly shot by G
 Brooks wearing Emma's coat
 Christmas Eve
 Christmas Eve Party
 Christmas Eve tiredness
 Christmas Eve party - Cherise....wrong brother. :)

 The nativity story done so well by the little ones and Matt and the donkey.
 Christmas morning fun......

 She got bored of having too many presents to open! haha

 Baby Hadley's blessing
 Brooks and Emma competing for Grandma

 Helping Daddy drive after family pictures

 Picture with Gma and Gpa Hadley (Emma's great grandparents)

Family Pictures 2012

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