Saturday, January 26, 2013

Oh, nada

That looks so awesome, i wish England got some good ole floods like that. Well still no baby yet and signs of him coming any time soon but that could always change quickly. Still no name either and i don't want to talk about it, it's a real struggle. My last OB appoint. my doc said i've plateaued which means i'm not getting any bigger so eventually this little dude is going to run out of space.

We've gotten most everything all ready i think...2 cribs in the nursery now and i'm having a baby shower tomorrow morning by a girl who just moved into our complex. Not sure why she wants to give me a baby shower but i'll take it. Brynn is growing into quite the opinionated little girl and does not like the word NO. She's kind of a daredevil kid and now has 4 teeth on top. She walks around all day following me everywhere, making messes along the way but she chats all the time, says "mama" and "uh-oh."

 Our little Cosmo
 Just walking and reading
This is for mom...eyes closed in the picture!!!
She's a fierce one! 

Next week is New Beginnings and hopefully i can actually make it this year. I've been going to these gym classes trying to induce labor but so far hasn't helped. Dal is still busy as always and will possibly be getting a new job in SW Portland but it's nothing for sure really. Just maybe a potential thing. He'd really like it he thinks so we'll see. And yeah, not much else new to report. Jealous you guys are on a mission and can't wait til I can go with Dal. Lots of fun memories. Ok well take care kids, xos!!!

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