Friday, January 11, 2013

Emma is 9 months old!

Baby girl is 9 months old - she has been out of my body for as long as she was in my body. G and I can't believe how fast time has flown by and how much more we love her every day. She had her 9 month appt this last week and she is 20lbs (70%) and 29 in (90%). In the last month she has outgrown all her pants!

In the last couple weeks it's like a switch turned on and every day she does something new and exciting. Here are some of the highlights that we love and want to remember:

She still loves mom and dad the most but after spending time in WA for Christmas she started reaching for and wanting to be with my mom (Gma Hadley). She spent hours playing and cuddling with Gma and they are now besties. It has been fun to watch her break out of the phase of only wanting to be held by G or me. And for this last week she has even reached for G over me which brings a big smile to his face. 
She is sooooo very close to walking. She'll stand longer without holding on to someone or something and she cruises around the room with the help of furniture and walls. Gma Hadley bought her a push toy as an early bday present and the last couple days she has taken off all over the house with it. Still waiting for the big first step moment......
Stairs - she loves scrambling up the stairs. Thank you Daddy for reminding her how to do it so that mommy can be the bad guy during the day and block them off. As soon as she can come down as great as she goes up then I'll not worry about barricading them.
She still just has her two bottom teeth but as cute as her smile is don't let that fool you - those two teeth are as sharp as razors. I keep waiting any day for the top two to break through but they swell up and get oh-so close and then recede. Mostly I'm sad for her because of how miserable they make her feel. 
She is super smiley and happy. Her favorite new thing to do is clap her hands and bounce her body in excitement. Daddy and I can't get enough of it and coax her to do it over and over again. Her big toothy grin makes us want to just eat her up!
She babbles and babbles and babbles. Her favorite line is Da-da-da-da-da-da-da. Over and over and over. 
She is like a cheetah when she crawls across the floor. I can't wait for her to be walking so that she'll stop wearing out the knees in all her cute pants. She especially loves it when you get on all fours with her and chase her around or let her chase you around. 
Her favorite game is still peekaboo. She'll actually do it back with her blanket or a toy she is holding. I love seeing her start to mimic things we do that make her laugh.

What a fun stage of discovery we are entering into with her! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.
Here are some pictures we had taken while we were all home for Christmas. 

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