Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oneonta Hike

We took Brynn on her first hike but our friends forgot to bring their backpack so we carried her...good thing it wasn't really long and we left her to play in the water so it worked out. Jett missed out but this was an awesome hike!! We had to swim to get to the falls and then once there you could jump in and swim up to the falls itself. The water was FREEZING but so fun. Dal said it was supposed to be a hot day-those weathermen are full of crap!

Jett has his first little tooth showing through and is trying so hard to crawl. Maybe while at Erin's he will. ONE WEEK and i leave!!!! And then once i'm home i'm going up to Puyallup for a Color Run with Spencer and Marschell and to see G'ma for her b-day. Wild summer livin here!

Still no wi-fi yet? Welp, updates are needed from both ends here ya know!! Like your new location? Ok well, have a great day and keep up the good work! love you both, xos!


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