Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

With it being Thanksgiving tomorrow I wanted to post a short video with Jadon, Heidi and Karliana before they flew to Utah in the morning.  I apologize the lighting is not very good but it's better than nothing I guess!  I sure hope you feel our love even though you are so far away during the holidays but at least it's the last time : )   Well, until you serve another mission or something.  Things are going well here.  We love being in Vegas and seeing family regularly, we love the weather too.  The kids are making some great friends and we stay busy with go-karting, guitar lessons, gymnastics, bball in the driveway, swimming (well when it's a bit warmer), shooting guns in the dessert, workout classes, school, church callings, going to get-togethers, playing Bunco, doing projects, planting palm trees, painting, hanging up pictures, going to birthday parties, and anything else we can think of!!  Looking forward to you coming to visit : )

Hey, by the way, did you ever get the package I sent forever ago?  I sure hope so.  Anyway, we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'll take some pictures over the weekend with people in town.  I promise!  Well, here's the video for now.  Love you!

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