Saturday, November 30, 2013

Turkey Weekend

Happy post-Thanksgiving! Glad you guys got to have a nice day with some fellow missionaries. You guys have ipads yet? Most of the elders here are getting them so they can skype other people around the world and teach that way. No more tracting, say what? Bunch of lazy missionaries these days i swear....pretty cool tho huh? We've had baptisms like crazy around here: one guy's been coming with his wife for over 30 years and finally decided to join. Most people didn't even know he wasn't a member!!! Then another one tonight and I've been in charge of the refreshments table which is SO not my thing but I had lots of help and it's been pretty cool to have so many baptisms here. 

Our turkey day started with Dal playing tackle football-only injury was a cleat to the neck; I went to the gym; we made pies and stuffing and rolls; Dal's cousins and a coworker friend came over for the festivities and we just hung out and had a nice time; BLACK FRIDAY deal of the day--we scored a sweet TV finally and we totally lucked out b/c Wal Mart was insane which was our first plan of attack but then there was a better deal online at Best Buy but then they couldn't ship to our area BUT THEN it said available in-store so Dal went at like 11pm, walked right in and they had like 3 left! It felt like Christmas getting it all set up so late at night with babies sleeping except it was our present, not theirs!! Plus we went to Target that night too and i stood in line for an hour and we got a blu-ray so we have netflix and pandora and YouTube and everything else everyone else has had for years and years! Target wasn't as bad as Wal Mart(plus it's walking distance) and i got a bunch of clothes for Jettmeister and stocking stuffers so it was fun. 

Been nice to all be together at home and just play. Jett has been walking now for a while and follows Brynn EVERYWHERE! That kid is her shadow...has to try whatever she does which has resulted in a constant supply of bruises, scratches or blood. The dude is accident prone! Alright, well let me know when you get your package...hopefully before you come home! Good to hear from you both and take care. Love you love you, xos!

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