Saturday, November 30, 2013

Post Thxgiving

Thx for the turkey-day well-wishes.  Glad several of you were able to get together for the weekend.    Have to say we were just a little envious but we had a good time feeding our missionary zone.  As you can see, they thoroughly enjoyed it -- it's not very often they get to just relax and enjoy a good meal together.  You might also notice that they all have on T-shirts -- the ZL's had shirts silk-screened with everybody's "nick-name" and area of labor -- a big hit and a nice mission memory.  

This is a little private park area along the river that Mom and I went to for a picnic the other day.  It was so tranquil and nice -- complet with a tire-swing.  Nearby was a boat launch which several locals used to put their boats in the water -- it brought back a lot of memories of all our trips to the lake to ski and picnic -- sweet times for sure.

This is Daiana -- one of Mom's piano students.  She made Mom the little box she's holding -- it has a humming bird on the cover -- without knowing of course that Mom's partial to humming birds.  She's really a sweet girl and one of the many that we're going to miss when we go home -- but we're still going home!! 

Meanwhile, thank you all again for your love and support -- we're getting really anxious to see everybody.

Dad & Mom

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