Friday, November 1, 2013

What up Halloween?

So here are some pics of Emma from last night. Didn't do a whole lot b/c Mandi had to work late so we just walked around the neighborhood as other kids were out trick-or-treating. She wasn't too excited about posing for pics as you can see. Eventually I left the bucket 'o candy on the front porch and watched Best of Chris Farley with my neighbor. Emma had a sucker so she was happy sitting there. Then we went to Manda's co-workers haunted house that he puts on every year. Quite the setup and apparently it was a little too scary for Emma. She started crying as we were in the first room so I had to take her out. Literally scared the poop out of her b/c I had to change her diaper right after that! (she had a dirty diaper already but that makes the story sound better).

Anyway, pretty low-key this year but here are some pics nonetheless.

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