Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Emma's Blessing

It was so fun to skype with you guys last week. Emma definitely misses you both, especially snuggling with her Grandma! We love you both and love hearing about all the work you are doing. I'm not quite as savvy with the video and blog stuff but I can post pictures. Here are couple from Emma's blessing (Father's Day). It was a very special day and Garlan did a beautiful job giving her a name and blessing. Luckily he stuck with Emma Kathryn and didn't change it to Gertrude or Helga. haha. 
She is growing every day and becoming more alert and animated. She definitely has some spunk to her personality and she loves to be standing and facing everyone. I think she'll end up skipping crawling and go straight to walking.
Let's skype soon!
Much love!
Emma & Co

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