Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's/Grandpa's Day

Ah,ha,ha --  we got home from church today and saw your video, California McCoy's, and thank you so much !!  What a treat !! -- especiall being so far from home.  What technical know-how -- we're totally impressed.   

Today we had a Father's Day Primary program in our branch for which Mom played -- what a hoot -- little kids are the same everywhere.  It's so cool though, to hear these little primary children sing the same songs we've heard all our lives -- only in Spanish instead of English -- and see their parents beam with pride.  So we really appreciated being able to come home and hear our own children's children sing to us via the internet.

It's been a busy week and next week will be more of the same -- Tues is a Zone tng mtg at which I'll be presenting to the missionaries our plan to become a stake -- we need their help to make it happen.  We need 5 branches w/ at least 150 members and 12 - 15 full-tithe paying MP brethren each to qualify.  We could use your help too if you'd like to include some specifics in your prayers for us -- for which we thank you very much.  Nothing is very easy down here, so the Lord has definitely got to be part of the process.  We're shooting for the end of this year to have the required number of MP brethren to apply for "stakehood".  We're relying on a couple of scriptures to explain "the why" -- D&C 115:4-6 and D&C 133:8-11, if you'd like to maybe go over those in FHE or something.
On Wed we have a fiesta to celegrate Flag Day and Mom's been asked to speak to the RS sisters and share humanitarian service ideas, so she's getting geared up to show them her children's activity bags.  She borrowed the sewing machine at the building (which is almost as big as our Graham stake center) and of course the first thing we had to do was get it fixed.  By the way, a point of interest -- there are no parking spaces around the buildings down here -- since almost no one has a car.  Not like at home, where there has to be all kinds of parking around the building to accommodate everybody's cars.
Meanwhile, we've made some really good contacts in the community -- there's an English school near-by so we just stopped in one day and volunteered to help out if we could since we're native English speakers and the Director jumped on it and invited us to come speak to one of her adult classes.  We did and have become acquainted with an ear-nose-& throat specialist, a nutritionist, and the owner of a couple of motorcycle dealerships -- really good people.  So the work is progressing and we're enjoying it immensely.
Well, not to make this too long -- there's just a lot to share and we can't write "the hundreth part".  But again, we love you and hope things are going well.  Let us know on the blog.

XOS,  love ya's,
Dad and Mom          

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  1. Hey there! Wanted to wish you a Happy Father's Day!! Hope it was good. It's probably almost over. You sound busy! I'll get you a can opener soon as well. That will be your awesome present! hahaha

    Rob was drinking a V8 this morning on the way to church so I had to tell everyone when you made your own V8 and we all had to try it and it was disgusting, but since you'd made it you had to pretend that it was delicious! Blah! HaHa I was laughing about that. Funny little memory.

    Wool, better go. Love you! XOS Thanks for some funny memories growing up. I was just telling someone that you used to walk on your hands too and we thought you were so cool. (Notice the past tense *snicker-snicker*) No, you ARE cool! Have a good week!