Thursday, June 28, 2012


So did you get my package? it was over the price limit by a dollar something unless you were meaning Argentine monies, then i have no idea.....enjoy that Swiss Miss and make sure to add water!

Ok so you guys don't post nearly enough for my liking, i need to know more! Like does dad snore in a spanish accent now? have you been robbed? mugged? or in any way beaten up some locals? i bet you could take em madre. Do they have any crazy holidays where they burn down buildings?

Typical face when Dal holds her

 Yes, she's wearing a green tutu!

 If she only knew her legs looked like that, her face would probably show different
(But she loves looking at herself in the mirror)

Playing a little gui-tar with daddy

Well we're just enjoying our summer. next week we'll be in Pasco for the 4th, Kevin bought us a car so dal needs to fix it a little bit and we'll do some wakeboarding, watch fireworks maybe some golf. who knows? Brynn is doing just fabulous. Sleeps 12 hours most nights and then 2 hour naps besides. she's just growing, growing and is so fun. Girls Camp is in 2 weeks and it'll be hard to leave her. Welp, hope to see more pics pronto. remember to take lots and lots! xos!

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