Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Isn't it about...TIME?

Silly Erin, don't know how to post pics. Maybe if you had a little baby Brynn you would learn how since she's so dang cute. (not that your kids aren't, they're just not babies anymore...)

I cracked up at your email pops! your "juice" was like "gasoline. hehehehe." we had stuff like that in England called squash that you were supposed to dilute but i first thought it was just the vegetable so i was always confused when people offered it to us. "no thanks, i don't really feel like squash. but a nice cold drink would be great!" haha

SO Brynn has rolled over twice now and loves sitting up. she doesn't like to recline at all and when she is she'll do some little ab sit-ups. she's going to be the only baby with a 6 pack! and she's holding her head really well and looking around. it's so much fun to just watch her everyday and hang out.

Glad to hear you're getting put to work and speaking in sacraments a lot. i bet madre loves that! keep up the good work and love you lots! xos.

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