Monday, October 22, 2012

Dal's B-day

Well we celebrated on Sat. by spending the day at Bishop's house (i had a board mtg. and he helped tile) watching the BYU game and relaxing before our night on the town. I took him to Porque No? which has been tradition now 2 years in a row, then met up with his cousins for a ping-pong tourney. His cousin's husband works at this insanely awesome advertising building and i just might try to get a job there so i can drink free pop, play bball on my breaks, lounge in the huge sofas and work in the 6th floor bird's nest. I was in the championship of course but dropped my last 2 games to Lance Harrison....i'm shamed.

Then yesterday on his real bday we just had church as normal (no ditching for us). Started out with some ward council, more meetings for Dal, i had to teach YW's then home to watch Madagascar 3, eat Jambalya and the chocolate trifle i made. He got your card which was funny plus a pass to the Nike Employee store, a Darth Vader shirt which he didn't like (he claims to be a big fan) and some other stuff that hasn't come in the mail yet. All in all it was a fun weekend. Now on to the rainy season and some super fun holidays. We are now a 2 crib owning family and the closer to Feb. it gets i keep thinking "how the heck am i going to have 2 babies?" Brynn is super chill but busy of course and it'll just be a little crazy. Wish we lived even closer to family but hopefully some day. 

They're 4-0!

She breaks the rim daily...

Welp, is it starting to get nice there yet? How did the reorganization go? What do you want for Christmas? Miss you guys! XOS!

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