Monday, October 1, 2012

Loading us up

Well, I don't think Brynn needs to sneak any food -- she looks plenty healthy to us!!  Good to Skype the other night -- so when are the rest of you going to get on board?

Things in the mission field are changing all the time it seems.  We now have an additional calling beyond being "senior missionaries" called to provide "member leader support" -- I'm the District (stake) executive secretary (and unofficial third counselor -- which calling I've had for a couple months now) and last week we were sustained as branch president in one of the branches here.  It feels good though to "get a little authority as [one might] suppose" and be able to do something.  So last Sunday was our first official day on the job.  In Sacrament meeting I talked a little bit about the three cultures that were represented there -- the North American culture, the Argentine culture, and the Mormon culture which is the only one that really matters (as per Msh 18: 8-10).  Then it was the fifth Sunday so I got to teach the third hour combined priesthood/relief society lesson on a pre-assigned topic -- tithes and offerings -- which can be kind of a touchy subject, especially down here where there's so much poverty.  But I think it went well and hopefully the members will catch the vision of what tithing is really all about.  (Read on) 

My first official interview was right after church with a sister who is the single mother of eight children and a convert of about two years.  She learned to read by reading the Book of Mormon after the missionaries found her.  She gave me her tithing and fast offering which consisted of 200 pesos (about $40) but her donation slip didn't match up -- it showed 190 pesos and she was hoping that maybe she could get change back of 10 pesos.  When I explained that the money and donation slip had to match and we couldn't make change, she quickly said it was alright -- she would give the whole 200 pesos and not worry about it.  I slid the donation slip over to her so she could correct the amount on the slip and she asked me to do it because she hardly knows how to write.  I made the changes and then asked her if she was going to be alright.  She said she hoped she had enough drinking water (which she has to buy) to last her until her next little bit of money comes in.  I assured her that help was available if she needed it -- just let me know.  She smiled and thanked me, and got up and left to walk home with her children.  I sat there feeling grateful that I had had the privilege of counseling with a woman of such faith -- the choice was between tithing and drinking water for her familiy and she chose tithing.  No doubt her faith will be rewarded.

And so it goes -- this is a tough place but the people -- at least the faithful ones -- are true disciples and their reward awaits them in the mansions above. 

Beyond that, we only have a couple of pics to share this time:  


The first one is our little group of saints at our Mormon Helping Hands community service project a couple of weeks ago -- we all gathered and cleaned up a public school.  The facilities were deplorable by our standards but they sure were appreciative of our help. 
The next one is of course some of Mom's activity bags which she is making for people all the time -- she should go into business they're in such high demand!

Well, that's it for now from R-hen-teena.  Thanks again for all the pics of the wedding and activities   -- glad everybody had such a good time together.  We love you all very much.
Dad & Mom

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