Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer Pics

And by "Summer" I mean, Stay-Indoors-Because-It's-Too-Blazing-Hot-Outside. We got this swing set / slide on Craigslist at the start of Summer so the kids would have something to do in the backyard besides admire their Dad's phenomenal lawn. 

We're still trying to convince their Mom we need a pool too!

Newport Beach
(every time we visit CA, Amberli and I think, "Why don't we live here?")

Zuma Beach
Zuma is where we all went with J&B, E&R, G&A, and B&C.
SO fun boogie boarding too. I could've literally done it ALL day and never come to shore.
Some pretty nice waves too. 
Although B and G couldn't handle the epic tubes ("they're too big!")
Atticus was made for the beach. These 2 boys got so tan this Summer.

And this little girl is all over the house now. Bookshelves, kitchen drawers, fridge, anything her little hands can get a hold of. And those chunky haunches of hers... I get home from work and wanna just eat 'em like drumsticks.

Almost always has this look on her face. Such a sweetie. 

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