Friday, October 19, 2012

keeping my promise.

hello from las vegas! 
mis match day at school. that would be funny if they dressed like that every day! say DER grandpa!
east side. enough said. but i will say....2 doors down, police were out WITH THEIR GUNS DRAWN. i skee-daddled out of there and drove around the block, and this is the backyard. guns out standing on cars.  never a dull moment.
mackenzie's float for homecoming! 

cannon having a party too on his float on the back right!
see who's taller?  i think its keaton by the hair.
brinkley crafting while we listen to campaigns. we miss you grandma!
brinkley and beck. aww little beck. we went to go get nacho's and popcorn at LVHS football game!

we promised we could you posted on things going on under our roof! hope you can see we are still alive and well here in las vegas! i know we email and you know more of the details so i wont go into details here. i feel all sheepish posting pics on your blog! we love you and you are in our every prayer! i love seeing the WHOLE family here too! 
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