Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Feels like we've been a little MIA posting to your blog. Hopefully you have been looking at our blog and seeing that we are still very much alive. G's been busy with work and this new fish tank they bought to make the work enviornment nicer. Turns out they didn't do their homework on big fish tanks and expensive fish and ended up killing a couple and had to send the rest to a fish guy until the tank resettled. A true Fish Fiasco! I told him the next time they want to amp up the work attitude they need to just hand out gift cards with funny jokes attached.

My family was all in town for my brother's sealing, the Utah State game and Conference Weekend. It was sooooo much fun and bit exhausting. My brother let me plan, decorate and make all the food for the luncheon (of course my mom and sisters helped prepare the food). It turned out really nice and we had a great time. As we all know there is nothing like having that sealing power bless your marriage!

Oh and I turned 30! Thank you for the bday card - I put the money towards a new lens for my camera. Your son took me out for a wonderful dinner and showered me with gifts, including this very tender list of reasons why he loves me.

Thank you for your email and your prayers. We have felt so much power and peace just from the prayers of everyone around us this past week. And thank you to all that fasted and prayed for G on Sunday. We felt a reassurance of God's love and His plan for us - can't say what that might be but we know He is in control and will bless us how He sees fit. We go back in next Wednesday to review test results and probably have more tests ordered. Whether this trial is short or long we are grateful for the increase in Spirit and faith that it has already taken place in our home. We love you all and continue to pray for you in Argentina!

XOS Garmanda & Emma
ps- check out our blog for latest pictures of Emma!

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