Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Weekend

Gosh, high security for everything these days!  Had to send a verification code to log on.  That on top of Darek's high security bracket group that I never cracked the code on to enter.  Sheesh!  Well, anyway just wanted to post some pics from our trip to Vancouver to see Jett blessed and enjoy Easter with family.  The warm, sunny weather made it all so much more enjoyable.
The field that hosted our exciting egg hunt!
Yes, those are Winco bags. 
 Doesn't phase Porter, Winco bag or not, he's happy!

Notice the cute bucket? : )
The older kids hunting for they're full bags of candy. 
Trying to act nonchalant about it though.
Not too many hiding places but the kids still had fun...


Brynn at least stayed within the sidewalk boundaries!
That was all the higher Spencer could hide eggs.
Worked out well for Porter!
Some day he'll be embarrassed by this : )
Ava started out happy and hopeful.....


Until the end when her siblings had more eggs than her : (
Two eggs was good enough for Brynn!
It was so good to visit Sharla and Dal with lots of his family and Spencer too.  Always goes too fast.  Hopefully all the rest of you had a great Easter and enjoyed it with loved ones.  It's Spring Break for us this week so we've got a camping trip planned and today I'm taking the kids to play Laser Tag. 
Is there a transfer possibly happening for you guys?  What city would you be going to?  Change is always a bit exciting and the newness can be fun.  Hope you have a great experience no matter where you are!  Love ya and chat with ya soon!

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