Monday, April 29, 2013


I should probably go ahead and take up acting....cause I look dang good on TV!  So a couple weeks ago I was put on a funeral team and this was a full honors ceremony we did last week.  You might notice that I glance down at my rifle just after it was "supposed" to fire....I was actually 0 for 3.  (not my fault tho, it wasn't my rifle and the 1st blank round was supposed to already be chambered)  Never seen so many old people in one place.  I thought we were gonna have to do another funeral before we got outta there.  (especially since the crowd didn't know we were gonna fire so it scared the doo-doo outta most of em)

So along with being in the paper for riding the Cedarcrest bleachers to the ground after a bomb threat, I'm pretty much the biggest celebrity this family has!

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  1. Lol!!! You are the biggest celebrity in the fam. How did your company get that funeral duty?