Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Jett's Blessing

Happy post-Easter!!! We blessed Jett on Sunday and had Kevin/Gwen, Becca/Quentin, Trav/Janine/kids, Hailey, Mars/Paul/kids, Harrison cousins and Spencer/kids. Our place was packed! But good thing we have a balcony and huge courtyard area so we made do. Had a big BBQ and then did our Easter egg hunt which was so fun. The big kids had to find whole bags of candy hidden super hard to make it more interesting. This was Brynn and Jett's second egg hunt so it was less interesting for them. She just wanted to walk around and be free.

The day before, all the Adamsons went to the zoo which was a madhouse b/c it was SO nice and sunny and all of Oregon had the same idea. It was kind of ridiculous with 2 babies at a zoo--always having to stop for something but it was nice to be outside and there was a petting zoo which Brynn loved. And in the cheetah exhibit they had a dead calf just waiting to be devoured but I was to be disappointed. The cute baby elephant made up for it tho.

We went swimming at Marschell's hotel and yesterday Janine and I went on a walk by the water with all the kids and then Gwen and I got Dal some clothes, got Thai food and then the madness was over. Just like that everyone was gone. Now I have to detox the whole place, vacuum and wash everything.

Also yesterday was April fool's day so I had about 72 voicemails asking about my camry for sale on craigslist which I was so confused by until one of them asked for me by Shahayla which only Dal calls me so then I knew. I tried to get him back by saying I had sold it to pay Jett's hospital bills with but he wasn't buying it. Ok well this is long enough, hope you have a great Conference weekend and let us know if anything new changes over there! Love you both, happy 1 year abouts!

As you can see, Jett is a little less photographed. Lame mom award right here...

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