Thursday, April 4, 2013


We finally have some hair long enough to put in little piggies and I am dying right now! She's looking less and less like a baby everyday and i hate it. But SO dang cute with her tiny hairs pulled into pigtails and if you look closely, she has Eiffel Towers on her shirt...probably my favorite find ever! This girl is practically dating and married, i swear.

And Jett on the other hand is a growing machine. That boy is already eating 8oz. yet only sleeping 5 hrs. He might just be our last. I can't handle little/no sleep but he sure is a handsome dude. 

Pretty sure you could pull off this hairdo too, Pops from the looks of that last picture! You could be twinners! Welp, it's good to see you both doing so well. Hope you get to move somewhere new and exciting, helps to keep you from getting trunky! love you guys, xos!

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