Wednesday, August 8, 2012

3 Year Anni.

We had a fun anniversary weekend that Dal had all planned out which started with getting a facial (the BEST thing ever!) and then driving to the Tillamook Factory to sample some cheeses and then continuing down along the coast to Manzanita. I had no idea what we were doing so come Friday morning i thought we were off to some super intense hike which turned out to be renting surfboards and wet suits (i'm tough but not THAT tough people) and spending the entire day catching some waves. It's definitely a lot harder than it looks but I sort of got the hang of it and was pretty cool other than the salty ocean and sand. Oh and we also got FRIED, i'm talking like lobster red here. Painfully sunburned...

We then hit up the Big Wave restaurant where he thought it'd be cool to try some oyster shooters. NOT so cool. The thing was huge and i gagged trying to swallow it down. Tasted nasty besides but at least it was entertaining. Lots of Olympics watching as well which was a bonus and then home by Sat. afternoon.

She's into biting her lower lip now like Beck does....

Welp, summer is coming to a close quickly but I still have Hood to Coast coming up but I'm now running a different leg which means I start the race off running straight downhill for about 5.5 miles so we'll see how that feels on the ole knees. Love you both lots and keep up the good work. Do you guys have to do "letters to the president" each week? XOS!

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  1. such cute pics shars! and what a fun bday weekend. i love that Brynn is biting her lip like Beck. little twin cousins. although hopefully she doesn't do it for as long as him since he's getting a little buck toothed these days! ha!