Thursday, August 2, 2012

Foam Fest!

On Sat. we participated in our 2nd annual mud-type run and with tradition, i was also about 3 months prego again. Even better that we were running thru Sherwood Forest (along with an innumerable amount of horse poo--it WAS an equestrian park people!). Obstacles included scaling walls, climbing under electric wire thru mud, running of course, a huge slip n slide, a "car wash," tires, a bouncy foam pit and another slip n slide to the finish line where we were awarded our medals. SUPER fun of course, especially the foam slip n slide which we went down together. 

Erin and Becca were both here which was super fun and holy crap, oh my gosh the olympics are on!!!! did anyone else think the opening ceremonies were a bit weird and kinda lame? i mean, i LOVE England but that was some weird shiz. and so anywho, glad you got the package finally. Things are going just swell, enjoying summer and playing with baby B. Love you guys!!!

She's definitely my girl, loves kittys!


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