Friday, August 24, 2012

Orchard Gone Wild

So the plums and apples went bonkers and Sara had to give boxes and boxes away to ladies in the Ward.  She's in pioneer mode and made applesauce with her sister for a good 12 hrs. yesterday.  A deer and her fawn started coming around to pick up the scraps.  (tried to get a pic for ya Mom, but they were on the run and my phone didn't capture the action shot)

Presley was diggin the plums...and her next diaper proved it

Got your email about the mail situation.  Sounds like you might not get the vitamins we sent.  Will the mail go thru if we plaster it with pics of Mitt Romney?

Things at the house are good.  As soon as we got on the road heading to Chelan our renters called and said the AC went out...on the hottest weekend we had all summer.  But at least the guy was able to salvage the system.  Chelan was great, minus the camping.  (just kidding)  It was a lot of fun:  tubing, wake-boarding, cliff jumping, and some intense games of ultimate frisbee.  I know we took the camera, but not sure if we actually used it.

We just got our family pictures back so we'll go thru em and post a few of our favorites.

Porter had to get glasses, thanks Brandon for letting him use  your old ones

Love ya!

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