Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We're in love

Yes, we're each in love with our comp, but we're in love with some super-cute litle granddaughters too -- Ivy, Presley, Kennedy, Brynn & Emma (although Emma's looking a little water-logged in that last shot).  It's fun to see how they're each so unique and yet bear such a family resemblance.  We just want to cuddle them !!  And thanks Amberli, for sharing your own tender feelings about your tender-hearted little boys.  It's hard to see how innocent they are, knowing what lies ahead of them out there in the big wide world.  It's too bad they (actually all of us) have to learn combat survival skills just to cope with all that life throws at us.  But such is the purpose of mortality.  And such is the purpose of parenting -- to teach those survival skills.  All we can do is all we can do to hopefully minimize the casualties.  But ours are among the 2000 stripling warriors, right? -- no losses.

Well, we have some new pics for y'all --

The first one is yours truly out in front of the shopper's Mecca -- Walmart !!  It's so nice to be able to find just about everything you need in one store -- albeit often of inferior quality. 

Next is the Dad sitting in his "office" with -- whallah -- a bag of Doritos !!  Yes, I found them and now we can stay down here indefinitely.  (And I'm going to hide them if any of you come down here, along with the glazed donutes I found, and the home-made V-8 juice that you all liked so much.)   

Lastly is Mom at the bus terminal as the sun's coming up -- on our way to the big city -- Resistencia where we spent Friday and Saturday with President and Sister Heyman (from Chandler AZ).  Besides going to Walmart, we went to the Sculpture Festival -- a biannual event that brings in sculptors from all over the world to work on a piece of art for a week and then they place them around the city -- a pretty big deal.  We also went to Corrientes which is across the Parana' River and looked around
-- what you would picture as a nice South American city, yet with plenty of poverty and "disorden".

Had an interesting missionary experience last week too -- a furniture salesman we thought we had lost contact with saw us on the street and invited us to come teach him English "even if it was with the Bible".  So we made an appt and went over with an English copy and a Spanish copy of the Book of Mormon.  We gave them to him and his wife (the nicest, sincerest people you'd ever meet) and invited him to read the Introduction first in Spanish, which he read in its entirety.  Then we invited him to read it in English which he and his wife did -- albeit a little rough -- and the spirit just filled the room.  They both expressed a desire to know more, so we have a follow-up appt this Friday.  Of course, Mom wowed them with her banana bread as well as her own engaging sincerity.  There's nothing quite like sitting in someone's humble home teaching them the basic truths of the gospel which they're hearing for the first time in their lives and feeling the spirit bear witness to them that what they're learning is true.  We hope you all have the opportunity to go on a mission together when the time is right.  There's really nothing comparable to it. 

Well, better bring this to a close and hope it posts like it's supposed to.
Love you all.  Keep in touch.
Dad & Mom/G-pa & G-ma         

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