Monday, August 27, 2012

Hood To Coast

Well i finished HTC! it was SO fun. Two days of no sleep, sitting in sweaty clothes, showering with naked women, eating on the go, porta-potties, lots of running, headaches, funny people, good memories and few injuries. Success. I started us off at the top of the mountain at a nice 7:56 leisurely pace and then waited 8 hours before my  next leg which was at night so that was cool. except the headlamp and reflective vest i had to wear. BUT i was offered beer which was super nice of those random guys....Then i didn't run until about 7:30 the next morning which meant i was done after that! My team was super fun and chill and we had a grand ole time. Once everyone in my van was done we headed to the beach to wait for our other runners to get done so Dal and Brynn were waiting, then we finished as a team, took pics, loaded up, ate dinner and headed back home. 

We were almost home when this car next to us zoomed by, almost hitting the car in front before she careened off the road into the trees. No joke, it was crazy. we pulled over and ran to her but luckily she was totally fine, just a little shook up. So the ambulance came, we talked to the police and then finished getting home in one piece. It was a pretty wild way to end our night. OH man, Brynn just ripped one and it stinks!

We also took family photos too so here are a few we really like. 

 Had an ultrasound last week and saw the wee little babs. I'm officially due Feb. 10 which means I'll have 2 kids the same age for about a month, weird. Find out what we're having Sept. 24 so we can't wait! Hope all is well. Love you , miss you! xos.


  1. What a cute little girl you got there! She is so adorable. So funny you'll have 2 kids with the same age for a month, ahahahaha, crazy!