Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1/2 Marathon!

Well so i finished my Indian Summer half which went better than i thought since i was really sick of training and only ran about 8 miles beforehand. I got 2:05 so not my best time but hey, i was slackin. It was fun to run with my friend Anna so we kept each other going. Now i am done with races until after this baby comes. Altho, knowing me i can't stay away from doing them so maybe a Turkey Trot or Santa sprint? 

Brynn had her 6 month dr. visit yesterday and is still right on track with her growth. More shots as well which is always sad. She's just dying to be walking. I always find her standing up in her crib after naps so she's pretty much into everything. But it's a fun age and it's definitely going to be interesting to have her plus a brand new baby. Dal is working on an app with a guy from work so he's hoping that leads to something and then i'm still just loving YW's. It's a busy rest of the year for sure! Welp, glad to get updates. You best keep an eye on mom....she might get missionary "goggles" and start thinking all the locals are hot stuff! Love you guys, xos!!!!
Trying to sneak food...

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  1. What food??? Yogurt? Condiments? Just feed the poor babby so she doesn't have to sneak it. Brynn, I'll feed you....come to auntie Erin.