Thursday, February 14, 2013

He's HERE!!!

So the little dude's name ended up being Jett McKay (we had a running poll going at the hospital for all the nurses to vote on) and so that's what we went with. Things started out the same as with Brynn- i was induced with a balloon catheter and then put on pitocin only these contractions were SO much worse and an epidural was asked for a lot sooner this time altho i still had to wait another hour after i wanted it b/c the doc was giving one to another lady. Talk about torture! By Sat. afternoon i was progressing very nicely and then it was to the point where i was supposed to start pushing which is weird when you can't feel anything and it seems like you're about to poop yourself ( i know you want details!). 

Pushed for almost 2 hours but his head just wasn't dropping so the next option was for the doc to use a suction thing on his head while i still pushed but still nothing. By this time my epidural is wearing off and it was NOT comfortable. So back to the OR where things went the same again. Didn't even cry when he came out, he's so tough already. He weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz. and 20.5 in. long so he's real skinny and "tall." I got another infection which meant he had to be put on antibiotics as well so they took him to poke and prod on but the nurses said he never made a peep.

Yeah so we're home now, both doing well. Brynn doesn't know what to think but she gives some nice kisses (open-mouthed) to the little guy. It's weird to have 2 babies and they're EXACTLY alike, it's crazy. Brynn seems huge now but has learned some new tricks....she waves and claps and shakes her head "no" to every question you ask which is pretty hilarious. Dal has all week off so we're just getting used to all this but it's super fun and newborns are so easy. Maybe i'll say differently once he goes back and all my help leaves. Welp you're invited to the blessing of course but no pressure to come! :) Hope all is well and things are enjoyable. Love you both, xos!

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