Thursday, February 21, 2013

Meet Jett

Well so the little dude is almost 2 weeks already and doing just great. He's a super easy baby, just eats and sleeps. And just so cute which i didn't think would happen since Brynn is freakin adorable but we have cute babies. Have to make up for my crappy deliveries somehow i guess.Plus i haven't had to experience the whole weight of being home by myself since Dal had a week off and then Erin's been here. I'm sure it'll get a little crazy once everyone's gone since Brynn is attached to me at all times seems like. We pierced her ears on V-day and it's SO cute. It was Dal's idea and she did NOT like it one bit but it's just too dang cute. 

Marschell came for a couple days too so we hung out and went to the mall and had our nice little photo session as you can see below. It was fun. And well yep, things are just going. Weird to have 2 babies but so far so good. I plan on being home-bound for quite a long time. Alrighty then, we'll have to skype so you can meet him sometime. Love you both, hope all is well. xos!

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