Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Latest happenings

OK, let's see if our refurbished little computer is up to the task of posting a few new photos but first, gotta say thanks for the latest contibutions.  Looks like Emma's got more hair than her daddy already!!  (I can see it now, we're going to have a bunch of hairless sons -- heck, they're practically there already.)  She is so cute with those big blue eyes and little fountain hairdo.  And we can't wait to meet the newest addition -- Jett -- what a beautiful little boy.  Sure glad everything went OK and he and mom are doing so well.  It's at these times that we realize how much we're missing -- we've already missed out on two blessings and now a third, along with baptisms and birthdays, etc.  And we thought we were so tough.  Finally, thank you Darek for posting that picture of you guys doing the sock hop thing.  I actually went to sock hops when I was in Jr high school -- living in southern CA at the time.  And don't know if y'all know it, but my first car was a '57 Chev Belair two-door hardtop which I bought in 1968 after my mission for $500.  If you're interested some time there's a picture of it in the family slides (disc one 1968-72).  I drove it down to BYU and dated Mom in that car -- what a kick.  She was so impressed, she agreed to marry me the following year (May 29, 1969).   
Now for a few pics -- hopefully.


This is the Longhi family who all sang a special musical number in Sacrament meeting one Sunday recently.  No big deal until I mention the fact that the father of that family has been inactive for 20 years and this was a way to get him back to Church.  He loved it and I think is about ready to be re-baptized.  What great people.

Well, the photo up-load isn't working worth a darn so I'll try again later.  In the meantime, thought I'd share an experience.  We came out of this grocery store the other day with a load of groceries and this little steet urchin comes running up and wants to sell us some bread.  So we say no thanks, we just bought a bunch of bread -- besides we never buy and eat stuff sold on the street.  Meanwhile we're looking for a taxi to take us home.  So this little guy tells us that there aren't any taxis because there was a wreck a couple days earlier and a taxi driver was killed and all the other taxi drivers were at the funeral.  But, he says, if he can find us a taxi somehow, would we buy some bread from him.  So I relented and he hails a taxi somewhere down the street.  We pay him his inflated price for the bread and get in the taxi.  On the way home I'm talking to what I thought might be one of only a few taxi drivers on duty and when I ask him if there'd been an accident in which a taxi driver was killed, he says no he hadn't heard anything, but he would've heard if it had happened.  So I recounted the story we'd been told by our little friend and he just laughed saying that he'd just made it all up.  Guess our little street hustler figured he had to come up with something to get us to buy his bread one way or another.  Pretty creative, but made me feel even more sorry for the kid -- he's become a pretty skilled hustler at an early age and is headed for a life of scraping along the bottom.  I'm going to look for him though next time we go to that store and have a little chat with him -- who knows maybe we can actually get through to him and point him in another direction. 

Well, that's all for now.  Sure love you all and appreciate your love and support as we serve so far from home.  This has been an incredible experience and we can definitely see the Lord's hand in our affairs. 



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  1. Haha, I've never Mom make a face like that. Too funny