Friday, February 1, 2013


This must be a record or something!  Another post in about a month's time!
Lots of pictures because I think it's more interesting to look at than read long text : )
New Year's Eve and we're making birthday cupcakes
(well Shar made 'em, I just put a silver tray out :)
Not sure what Spencer's puzzled about but it's
fascinating apparently!
Happy Birthday Sharla and Heidi!!
If you look close enough you'll see the S and H frosted
on their cupcakes.  Shar's idea, I think?  Looks like Shar
needs more than one though!
Ok, so the Kitty clock was given to Heidi and the Dog
 clock to Shar from Gpa and Gma.  The amusing part is that
they actually made cat and dog noises as the alarm sound.
Who thinks of these things?!

Just thought you'd want a cute pic of
one of your grandkids : )

And another one!  She just needed her
zebra print pacifier, instead, to be complete.

I guess I needed a new set of knives, thanks to
Gpa and Gma.  Guess I better not get angry!  Haha.
Palm Springs Road Trip
Here's a pic of an Indian owned canyon near Palm Springs
and this is part of what the canyon looked like.  Pretty
cool huh?
The beginning of our hike after a potty break.  The
Indians were nice enough to hide the porta potties behind
a fence.  Makes it somewhat classy!
Nothing like driving 1300 miles for a nice
family pic in nature.
All the kids hanging out for a rest.
The lovely ladies of our group!  Me and the girls with
our neighbor and friend Jennifer Hollandsworth.
The dudes of the group!  Tom Hollandsworth, Paul,
Mitchell Hollandsworth, and our boys.
This was a cool 'elephant trunk' palm tree.  It's crazy
how this thing grew like that!
More cool scenery.
Your cute grandkids.  Well maybe they're
getting too old to be 'cute' but definitely good-
looking anyway!
Here's inside the condo we stayed at and it was 'the boys'
night to make dinner.  Thus, the pizza but they made a
fancy salad with pears and roasted walnuts and cranberries : )
The girls were funny together in the pool.  They made
up a syncronized swimming routine that they performed
for everyone.  It was awesome!

It looks more like that party train people do at dances
but they're actually trying to wrestle each other : )

This makes me laugh because it reminds me
of the huge round glasses Erin and I had in Jr.
High.  Karli looks way happier in them than
I ever did!!  Maybe becasue she'd never have
to really wear them.
We also got to see Jason and Brooke's family on our way home and that was a lot of fun!  Unfortunately all the pics I took on my phone were stinking blurry : (  Should've used the better camera.  Dang it.  Whelp, that's it folks!  This still took about two hours and now I need to get ready to go to school!  At least on Fridays it's only lab and it starts at noon : )   Love you guys, thank you for serving a mission and be looking for my package! 

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